AeroAdmin 4.6 Reviews

AeroAdmin Complete Review, Remote Desktop / Free Access Program

AeroAdmin 4.6 is a portable and completely free remote access program / application for Windows. Unlike other remotely remote desktop desktop computers, it does not require payment for group use or personal use. However, AeroAdmin 4.6 does not have the ability to chat, it's a small size and can start in less than a minute, perfect for remote computer remote computer programs. AeroAdmin 4.6 Reviews

More about AeroAdmin

  • AeroAdmin can be used for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP
  • The operating system also supports Windows Server 2008 or 2003
  • Can be launched from a flash drive (portable) or other USB device
  • You can run AeroAdmin for personal use or group settings for free
  • No modifications to the router (port forward) required to make AeroAdmin useful
  • Free licenses are limited in connection time, meaning you can only use the program for some time each month.

How AeroAdmin Works

The AeroAdmin program is completely portable, which means it is not necessary for the installation to be done and you can save it to a portable drive. AeroAdmin 4.6 shows the ID number every time it is opened. This number is what needs to be shared so other people can connect to your computer. This number is static, meaning it does not change from time to time. You can also use your IP address, not ID.

The client computer must enter the host ID to make connections between computers. When a client tries to establish a connection for the first time, a server computer needs to activate access rights, such as screen display, keyboard and mouse controls, file transfer, and clipboard synchronization . The server computer may grant or retract these rights. At this point, the host can save the access rights option so that if the same client tries to connect, no confirmation is displayed and no settings should be accepted to make the connection. This is a way of managing intensive access.

Before connecting the client host, there are three connection options: Remote control, view only, and File manager. Find out that after you have entered any type of connection, you can not switch to another. For example, if you only make a display connection, you need to go out and reconnect to choose full control.

Download AeroAdmin v.4.6 :

Download AeroAdmin v.4.6
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My Thoughts about AeroAdmin

I appreciate how easy it is to use AeroAdmin. There is absolutely no option needed to start a remote session. You just need to launch the program and enter the host ID number to connect to their computer. I like how easy it is to use the file transfer guide. Remote users will not see you moving files back and forth, nor will they see the progress bar. On the contrary, the person sending and receiving files will have full control over the move, the progress can be seen and canceled at any time.

Even though you can not chat during a remote desktop session, it is still perfect for times when you have to connect to a remote PC as soon as possible for the full remote control session or simply transfer file. Program files are less than 2MB, so both clients and host users can get them downloaded and launched in short time.

I do not want you to switch between only display and full control mode during a remote session, but this is not really a big problem since you can disconnect and choose another type of connection, which will only last one minute. AeroAdmin 4.6 Reviews