Android Remote Desktop

Control Your PC from a Phone or Tablet

Android Remote Desktop, as the name suggests, is the official app of Microsoft that allows you to control your computer directly from your Android device. To do this, simply connect the device and associate it with the PC you want to control. The Android Remote Desktop is optimized for use with Windows 8, and the overlay interface works better with touch screens from the classic Windows desktop (XP, Vista, 7). This means that this application is strongly recommended for users of this operating system.

Depending on your Internet connection, the quality of the audio and video stream you receive on your mobile device is very good. You also get a completely secure connection thanks to Network Layer Authentication technology to protect your privacy. Network Layer Authentication is a very complete tool that makes it easy for you to remotely control your Windows PC on an Android device. In addition, all touch features of Windows 8 are used faster on mobile devices.

How to Get an Android Device from a Mobile Phone

Virtualization is the perfect solution for testing software in a controlled environment. Even when you're playing with Android apps, you often have other options that are even closer to the actual experience, even when using a desktop emulator, access your smartphone directly. Here we describe two different ways of doing this: use local computers and stream signals, or extract signals from remote virtual machines installed in the cloud.

Virtualization Using Local Computers

An easy and free way to create your own virtual device on the PC and publish programs to view and control from your Android device. In this case, the simplest thing is to use an Android emulator instead of doing virtualization, even if the results are practically the same. Using the Nox Player emulator, which you can easily install on Windows, is a good choice, but the most important thing here is the remote connection application you need to install on an Android device. For all available options, we have chosen Microsoft Remote Desktop for ease of use and security. You must install the official client on the device or server on the PC where you installed Virtualbox. First, you start the Windows version where you will see the PC and User Name you need to enter the mobile application.

Download Microsoft Android Remote Desktop

Android Remote Desktop
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How to use Android Remote Desktop

With the arrival of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has released a remote desktop integrated service that connects directly to Android devices for the Professional version and Server desktop operating system. Microsoft Remote Desktop may not be the same level of software as TeamViewer, but it is still true that the installation process has made it a tool to remember. Here we explain how to configure.
  • Provide remote access to your PC from the operating system itself first. To do this, open the Allow remote access to computer section by typing directly into the taskbar search or by entering the System.
  • Now to enable the Allow remote connections to this computer option. If you want more security, you can also select the option to limit the connection to the machine with network authentication. You can even specify which user accounts can be accessed remotely from the Select submenu (access information is required for the application).
  • If so, you need to install the official Android app on your device. After you accept the access conditions, you must add a device to connect. Click the plus sign and select Desktop; You will see a list of all visible machines. Click on one of them to get in touch.

The app has several additional features that can be accessed from the sidebar menu. In Screen Resolution, you can change the screen resolution of the device, drop it on a small portion of the original depending on the device's screen, or protect the original from your computer and Android Remote Desktop.