AnyDesk Download Driver

Anywhere at Any Time. AnyDesk!

Connect to a remote computer white AnyDesk, either from the other end of the office or in another part of the world. AnyDesk ensures a secure and highly reliable remote desktop connection for IT professionals and office staff on the move.


DeskRT is designed by the design team, an innovative codec that forms the basis of AnyDesk. This compresses or transfers data or images between computers in a way that other products can not use. Tasks work smoothly, even with bandwidth up to 100 kbps. AnyDesk is the preferred remote desktop software in remote areas with very poor Internet connection. 


TLS 1.2 standard banking technology can protect your computer from unauthorized access. We use RSA 2048 key exchange encryption when checking each connection. Control who you grant access to your computer by letting those you trust. This ensures that only authorized persons can call.


You can access your desktop computer from your office, home office and the nearest conference room with ease. Need access only without supervision when traveling? You only need to install a password. Run AnyDesk on the platform of your choice, whether Linux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, iOS, or Android. In addition, use the mobile phone application at no extra charge. Downloading AnyDesk is very simple, even when you're out of town. With only 3MB, AnyDesk is much lighter than its competitors.

Download AnyDesk :

Windows, v5.0.4 (2.8 MB) Free Driver


Monitor your contacts or connections using the default address book list and see who can connect to the Internet without having to call. Change your AnyDesk address to a custom user name and add a logo to bring your remote desktop program according to your brand identity. Use the MSI package to run AnyDesk automatically on some desktop computers and configure everything you need. Or use the command line interface to create your own script installation program.

High Frame Rates

Enjoy good quality on-screen, with 60 fps on LAN or most Internet connections.

Low Latency

Instant response is almost very important when working on a remote desktop computer. This is why AnyDesk latency falls below 16 milliseconds on the LAN so it can not be seen.

Use Effective Bandwidth

Work smoothly, even if the bandwidth is up to 100 kbps. AnyDesk is the preferred remote desktop software in rural areas with weak internet connection.

Start Quickly

Start with AnyDesk immediately - no registration, installation or administrative rights required. Download it and release it and you're ready to go anywhere.

Erlang Network is Safe From Failure

Our server uses Erlang communication technology. This means low latency, high availability and active active time for AnyDesk.