Bomgar Remote Desktop

What is Bomgar ?

Bomgar is a way to support remotely that allows technicians to connect remotely to end-user protocols from a computer or mobile device through a firewall. Using the Representative program from Bomgar, technology support professionals can access protocols and control systems or devices remotely, including on personal computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, switches, sales systems, and more.


The company emerged when Joel Bomgar developed its own remote support solution to reduce the time spent working as a support specialist for a local company. In June 2003, he created a static one page website that sells his own home-made remote access solution and calls it Expert VNC. Shortly after, two of his college friends, Nathan McNeill and Patrick Norman, joined the Bomgar as one of the founders. In May 2004, the name ExpertVNC changed to NetworkStreaming.

The following month, it transformed cloud-based products into vehicle models that differentiated it from other similar remote support solutions. In February 2007, NetworkStreaming underwent a major brand change and changed its name to Bomgarars, along with the company name, founder surname - this maiden name simplified the name of Bomgaars. In April 2018, Francisco Partners announced that they received Bomgar from Thoma Bravo, Bomgar, since June 2016. Bomgar's first Private Equity Investor, TA Accociates, invested heavily in May 2014 at Bomgar.

Bomgar Web Portal

Bomgar allows you to create a web support portal or general website for your Bomgar Vehicle. This portal allows your customers to request support using the Bomgar remote support software. Each support portal can be configured to support your organization's brand and support operations. This includes customizing logos and allowing customers to launch Bomgar sessions by clicking to chat.

To learn more about support portals, please see the Customizing Portal Support section at Delegate: You can provide a list of logged-in representatives, allowing customers to click on the name of the representative to start customer downloads. After the download is complete, the session starts with a delegate.
  • Key Session: A delegate can produce up to seven characters, create alphanumeric session keys to share with customers. From there, customers visit the support portal and enter the session in the text input column. This triggers the client's client to set up and download a secure connection with the sender of the invitation.
  • Sending Problems: The support portal page can be configured to provide a variety of problems that customers can choose when searching for support. Customers can select a problem from the drop-down list to trigger the client download client.

This creates a request in the team queue that is associated with this particular problem. For example, if the user chooses the E-mail Problem, the request is transferred to a representative team capable of supporting the e-mail system.

Download Bomgar Remote Desktop :

Bomgar Remote Desktop
Free Driver

RDP to Windows Remote System

Use Bomgar to start the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) event with the remote Windows protocol. Because remote desktop protocol systems are converted as Bomgar sessions, users can share or delegate systems, and sessions can be automatically checked and saved when your administrator determines for the site you are using. Download Bomgar Remote Desktop

To use the local RDP over Bomgar, you must be in the same network segment as the target system, and you must have the user's Allowed Direct Method account: Local RDP.
To use Remote RDP over Bomgar, you must have access to the Jumpoint and you must have a user account permission.

To start an RDP session, open the Remote Desktop Protocol dialog box from the following locations:
  • Representative console support menu
  • Button on top of RDP Representative console

From the Jumpoint drop-down menu, select the network holding the computer you want to access. If you typically access the same Jumpoint, check Remember as my favorite option. Enter the system host name / IP address that you want to access. By default, the RDP server therefore listens to port 3389, the default port of the Bomgar Effort. If the remote RDP server is configured to use another port, add the hostname or IP address after the <hostname>: <port> or <ipadd >>: <port> (eg, 40000) format.

Give a User Name to Enter with the Domain.

Select Screen Size to view the remote system. This can be the same size as your main monitor, the size of all monitors, or several standard sizes. Select Quality to display the remote screen. Select the color optimization mode to display the remote screen. Download Bomgar Remote Desktop. If you mostly want to share video, select Optimized Video; If you do not choose between Black and White (using less bandwidth), Multiple Color, More Color, or Full Color (using more bandwidth). Optimized and Full Color Video Mode lets you see the actual desktop wallpaper.

To start a console session instead of a new session, check the Console Session box. If the server certificate cannot be verified, you receive a certificate warning. Checking Ignore Incredible Certificates allows you to connect to a remote system without seeing this message. Download Bomgar Remote Desktop. This pre-populates several areas that are required for remote desktop protocol connections. To start a remote desktop session (RDP), click Direct. In Bomgar Remote Desktop Computer