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Bomgar is a world leader in secure, enterprise-class remote support, today announced that Bomgar's remote support solution is fully compatible with the recently released Mac operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Since its inception, Bomgar has been a precursor to remote support for Apple's products and technology, and has become one of the first to provide full Mac OS X support for customers and support representatives. Bomgar has updated the latest versions of the product 10.6 and 11.1 to work with the new Mac OS X Lion.

Organizations can not only use Bomgar to support Mac with OS X Lion and earlier versions, they also provide remote support from Mac, which is not possible with all remote support products. With Bomgar's all-in-one solution, Mac users can enjoy the same comprehensive remote support capabilities available for Windows and Linux platforms. Bomgar also allows organizations to support Apple's cellular products, such as the iPhone® or iPad®, and even supports users from iPad or iPad 2 with the recently launched Bomgar iPad Representation Console.

"We have really tested and validated that the current version of Bomgar is running very smoothly with the new Mac OS X Lion operating system," said Huey Ngo, product development and engineering at EVP in Bomgar."Whether representatives support the use of Mac or help Mac users with incidents, Bomgar allows support representatives to securely access end-user systems so they can diagnose and correct problems faster, improve response times and customer satisfaction. 

Bomgar's centralized approach to remote support makes it easy for organizations to manage IT support in a distributed environment and on various platforms. With Bomgar, organizations can support almost all computers, cellular devices, unattended systems or kiosks that run almost all operating systems.

About Bomgar

Bomgar is a world leader in secure, tool-based remote support solutions. The award-winning business solution allows organizations to double the efficiency of IT support by securely accessing and managing half the system: Windows, Mac, Linux, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and most versions of Windows Mobile, aside from their location. More than 5,500 companies worldwide have deployed enterprise-class solutions Bomgar has quickly changed the functions of their IT support and significantly doubled operational efficiency and client satisfaction, while drastically reducing costs. Bomgar takes place privately with offices in Jackson, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington DC, Paris and London. 

Download Bomgar for MacOS

Download the latest version of Bomgar for Mac: Bomgar is a remote access application that has the ability to connect to resources in a centralized network. This means using a PC and an Internet connection in one place, through a telephone cable, connected to a PC or server in the main network of the company. The term remote access is defined as a system that can be in the context of network administration, where administrators can easily control and develop client computers, interact with users, back up data or other activities. 

Remote access can also be said as the ability to connect to resources in the central network of a location. This means using a PC and an Internet connection in one place, through a telephone cable, connected to a PC or server in the corporate network. General access to remote applications has several functions in network management. There are several features in remote access or in this remote desktop utility application.

Download Bomgar latest version for MacOS
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Key features of Bomgar

There are some excellent features you can get if you use this application at work:
  • Monitor the use of the computer remotely.
  • Turn on the computer again or restart it remotely.
  • Turn off the computer remotely.
  • Supervise the use of programs that run or internet remotely.
  • Distribute resources remotely.
  • Maintenance (maintenance) of computers remotely.
  • Help other people solve problems on their PC remotely.
  • Change the registry settings of the computer remotely

Bomgar as remote administration is a method to control a computer system remotely or, in other words, from a great distance. This application has this feature, namely Remote Administrator. This feature is a remote control and remote access application that allows you to restore your computer remotely, such as using the keyboard and mouse of a computer. In addition, you can access from many places. This application combines a large amount of support for Windows Vista (32 bits), file transfer, voice chat and multiuser text, Windows security, Kerberos authentication, AES 256-bit encryption for all data flows, access to telnet, Support for multiple monitors and Direct Transfer Screen technology support. 

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