Cloudberry Remote Assistant

Meet CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.0

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is After a year and a half from the first release, CloudBerry Remote Assistant received the first major update. In version 2.0, we offer highly anticipated direct connection options and some other features and improvements.

Direct Connection

Before the release of 2.0, CloudBerry Remote Assistant started the connection using the CloudBerry server to create a data channel between two connected computers. This approach can lead to performance problems for some users, especially when connecting long distance / intercontinental connections. We have implemented the new Direct Link feature directly connecting two computers without the need for a centralized data server configuration to improve performance in Remote Assistant 2.0. 

Direct connections work with computers and computers on the same network. For remote connections, CloudBerry Remote Assistant uses the UPnP protocol. If no UPnP connection is established, Remote Assistant uses the CloudBerry server to create and manage remote connections again.

Command Line Interface

CloudBerry Remote Assistant now has a command line interface (CLI); Something that is requested by most of our users. The CLI functionality range includes configuring application settings and initiating a connection. For more information about the new CLI, see our online help.

Tray Icon

The previous version stopped the application while closing the main Remote Assistant window. This causes users to suffer from some discomfort, as remote computers are no longer accessible. In response to the shutdown of the main window published in 2.0, we now have the option to reduce the application to the Windows Tray, which can be reopened quickly.


CloudBerry Remote Assistant for Windows continues to develop, and version 2.0 has a number of highly anticipated features, such as Direct Links and Command Line Interfaces. Feel free to see CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.0 and share your feedback in the comments section below.

Superior Product

CloudBerry Remote Assistant
* For Windows
* Direct connection
* Unlimited unlimited access solutions
* Encrypted connection
* Text and voice chat, file transfer

Download CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.0 :

CloudBerry v.2.0
Free Driver

Simplify Authentication with Invitation Connections

After running the application, a computer ID and password are created and you can give your desktop to the people you want to share. If you think this process is uncomfortable, you can switch to the invitation link that allows you to connect to the browser. However, we need to clarify that remote sessions are not started in the browser, but the login details are entered in the URL, which basically allows you to bypass the authentication process. It is important to indicate that you have full control over the remote connection parameters. You can thus mute or activate sounds or communicate with your collaborators via integrated chat.

Balanced Applications for Remote Control and Collaborative Tasks

In addition, there are a number of options for review to ensure that unauthorized connections are not started. For example, you can ask the application to ask you each time the incoming connection starts, and you can determine whether the connected PC can actively participate in your transaction or see your display easily. In a final note, CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a capable desktop sharing program that provides an intuitive display with great appeal for inexperienced users. However, this does not mean that the application is equipped with a limited set of features, because it can provide many configuration options to specify the type of connection you want to allow.

What's new in CloudBerry Remote Assistant Beta:

  • Automatic reconnection for Connectionless Connections
  • Remote Host Resumes and Reconnects
  • Pin reset frequency

Download CloudBerry Remote Assistant Beta :

CloudBerry v. Beta
Free Driver