CloudBerry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant - Remote Control Application

CloudBerry Remote Assistant can be used to control computers remotely; this is very useful when you want to help someone with a specific problem. What makes this software shine is how easy it is to connect and take control of other machines. You just need to know the ID and password, the application takes care of the rest. Installing CloudBerry Remote Assistant takes only a few seconds, even on slower machines. Works on all popular Windows platforms and does not require special tools or services.

This software CloudBerry Remote Assistant provides a unique ID to your computer and also generates a four-digit password each time you run it. They are displayed in a clean and simple user interface where you can find a range of input fields. If you want to control another computer, just enter your username and password in the input field and click the button. You can also create an invitation link, which is a good alternative to sending IDs and passwords via the chat application, since the connection becomes invalid after a certain time. Another useful security feature is the possibility to encrypt traffic between computers.

Depending on how CloudBerry Remote Assistant is set on the other side, you may have to wait for someone to allow your connection, or you can connect immediately. In addition, the software can be set up to allow you to see remote desktops or to see nothing else or to take full control of them. After connecting to a remote computer, you can control it exactly as if you were standing in front of it. In addition to interacting with everything on your remote desktop, you can open a chat window if you want to exchange messages with people in front of other computers. 

Input and output connections can be found in the main user interface and you can change the permissions of each connected user. With the direct functionality of CloudBerry Remote Assistant, remote viewing and control of other computers can be done in just a few clicks with just a few clicks.


You can connect to a remote host in just a few seconds without making any configuration. This software allows you to create automatically terminated invitation links. 

Provide Ease to Support and Manage Remote Computers

Easily manage and support remote computers CloudBerry Remote Assistant for Windows allows you to connect and support remote computers quickly and securely over the Internet. CloudBerry Remote Assistant is available for free. Please send your feedback and feature requests using the contact form.

Download CloudBery Remote Assistant :

CloudBery Remote Assistant v.
Free Driver

Unattended Access

Control trusted computers anywhere in the world with the CloudBerry Remote Assistant software support icon

Quick Client Support

Optimized for instant support, small packages will allow you to connect without installation.

File Transfer

Share files during the session, seamlessly send to remote computers anywhere in the world.

Remote Desktop Access

Free remote access software from CloudBerry lets you control desktops or servers over the Internet.

Encrypted Connection

All communications with remote desktops and servers are used to enable SSL licensed passwords and shipment licenses.

Text and Voice Chat

Use CloudBerry software for remote assistance on your Windows desktop as a free tool for text and voice communication over the Internet.

Multi-Zone Authentication Server

Some of our users are experiencing performance issues, which have been introduced to ensure that each connection is as fast and reliable as possible.

Display and Voice Recording

Record videos and sounds after the connection is complete.

Central Administration Portal

A web portal designed to manage multiple machines simultaneously with granular and white labeling permissions.

Version for MacOS and iOS

Connect from other platforms to ensure that your experience is smooth throughout the world. CloudBerry Remote Assistant