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Remote Support Connection

ConnectWise Control is a third-party remote desktop remote application that is currently used to provide remote support to Cutec customers. Cutec Support uses ConnectWise Control as the main tool for Remote Support Connection to be able to solve problems and resolve customer problems from far away, for example customers are at home, and Cutec employees no longer need to come to their homes to fix problems that exist with customers.

With ConnectWise Control, Cutec support staff technicians can view or share computer control remotely, chat, and view customer screen sections without the need to go to where their customers are. The ConnectWise Control differs from similar remote access applications and other companies because it is a reactive, permit-based support application. There is no permanent software installed on the PC / customer device to be able to provide support that requires remote access, and Cutec support engineers can only access Cutec customers' desktop computers remotely with the customer's explicit permission - permission that must be given each the customer just presses the request button to support.

Cutec support will start from this site only. Information on this application may not be considered as full support or support by Cutec. Cutec can stop using this tool at any time without prior notice. We can only connect to your computer via Control ConnectWise when you have pressed the button asking for our support, you agree that even during this remote session, support professionals can start the recording function on the computer desktop. This will result in your communication being recorded and recorded by the Remote Application Support Connection.

If you do not allow to receive captured screenshots, immediately inform our support professionals and request other support options. Please note that by not allowing us to provide remote support that you agree to lose any SLA response time related to requests and support, we will return your support to our best efforts. After you receive a screenshot, we hope to close all windows or similar documents that may contain personal / confidential information before the application support professionals connect to your computer.

How it Works

This product is a host server application that allows primary users to host software on their own servers, PCs, virtual machines (VMs), or virtual private servers (VPS). Once installed, the central web application can be seen inside and outside the local area network (LAN). ConnectWise Control has ownership protocols and shows an open architecture structure that can be used by users to implement custom plugins, scripts, or various integrations.

A common usage model will start with the host that starts the session through the central web application. A participant will then join the session by clicking on the email link or through the application's guest page. Unattended clients can be created and used for targeted machines without the need for human intervention. What can be executed is ScreenConnect.ClientService.exe (x86) on a Windows-based OS, and signed by the CA certificate Signing the COMODO RSA CA Code.

Download ConnectWise Remote Support :

ConnectWise Control
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A very common feature is expected for a product in this arena to be present. Examples include restarting the computer and reconnecting, dragging and dropping or transferring files, recording desktop computer screens, supporting safe mode, multiple monitors, command line access, wake-on-LAN, VoIP, chat, and special application toolboxes for rapid deployment tool as a support. In addition to communication-facilitated features, ConnectWise Control also advocates full control over the branding and adjustment of product design, logos, color schemes, icons, text strings, and localization.


Host (presenter or technician): can use the Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS or Android operating system. Customer or Requester: can connect from Mac, Linux or Windows. The ConnectWise control can also be used to support Android devices remotely using the ConnectWise support application, with the screen display and full control provided for devices manufactured by Samsung.