Chrome Remote Desktop

What is Chrome Remote Desktop?

Chrome Remote Desktop is a very remote access application that allows users to share and control computers remotely. Managing multiple machines can be a hassle. Providing technical support is even more than a headache. Chrome Remote Desktop solves all these problems that allow users to connect remotely to a friend's computer or their own computer.

Chrome Desktop Remote is basic but solid. You must install the extension from the Chrome store. You must set up your computer for remote access so you have to install the software. Don't be afraid because Chrome Remote Desktop will guide you through it all.

After the software is installed, you can set a device-specific password for secure access to your remote computer. Or, you can create a random password for us to give someone to provide technical support for your machine. This is rather difficult but requires a host to provide access to the guest computer, making everything safer.

In its use, Chrome Remote Desktop works well but does not have many features from its competitors like others. The top toolbar only allows screen adjustments and two basic button commands to be sent to computers that are very far away. Chrome Remote Desktop does not have the option to lock the keyboard and mouse on the other end. Still, Chrome Remote Desktop offers a solid remote desktop experience but needs more additional features to catch up to its competitors.

Chrome Remote Desktop
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Use Chrome Remote Desktop to Access Other People's Computers

Step 1: Prepare the Computer for Connection

If you see someone else's screen computer that you are looking for, the process of setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is a little very different. And maybe you will not be physically present on the server computer, you must give this signal to the person who will be there and be able to complete this part of the arrangement.

On computers that want to be accessed remotely, start doing by going to the "Support" section of Google's new Remote Desktop web application. Click the round blue arrow in the box labeled "Get Support," then click "Add to Chrome" in the box that appears and confirm that you want to install the new Chrome Desktop Remote plugin.

Return to your original tab, and you will find a prompt that prompts you to click the "Create Code" button to give other people access. When you do that, the site will create a one-time access code that will remain valid for only five minutes. Share the code with people you want to give access to - on the phone, in e-mail and text messages, and whatever works best - and then sit down and wait for their connection to start.

Step 2: Connect to a Computer From Another Desktop

After you have an access code and are ready to connect, just open Chrome Desktop Remote on your google search in Chrome on another computer. Enter the access code in the "Give Support" box and then click the "Connect" button to start.

(If you want to connect from a mobile device, you must open a new tab in Chrome on your mobile phone, check the box in the browser's main menu to request a desktop version of a site, then navigate to the same link from there. Chrome Remote mobile application Desktop only works with connections associated with your own Google account, so you won't be able to use it in this context.)