Dameware Mini Remote Control

Remote Control Software and Remote Desktop Access

Dameware Mini Remote Control from SolarWinds is a reliable remote control software application and desktop sharing tool designed to enable IT professionals to be able to access users' computers, laptops and servers remotely from your own home, or to access office computers from your home. With immediate support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, you can connect and provide technical assistance to multiple remote computers simultaneously. Dameware has the trust of organizations around the world.

Mini Remote Control Dameware at a Glance

  • Remote control software and desktop sharing tools for computers, laptops and servers, designed to be easy to use
  • Remote access to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Chat in session, remote screenshots, file transfers and more
  • The ability to restart a stuck computer and activate a computer that sleeps remotely
  • Ensure remote connectivity with a smart card login and validated FIPS 140-2 encryption

Featured Features

An easy-to-use remote control for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X The mini Dameware remote control is designed so you can connect remotely to computers, laptops and Windows, Linux and Mac OS X servers. Use the Mini Remote Control Viewer , RDP and the built-in VNC viewer to obtain remote access from computers running different operating systems.

Strong Remote Control and Shared Desk Capacity

Perform simple remote IT support sessions from a centralized console. You can improve the quality of assistance during remote sessions by using built-in functions such as chat, screenshots, file transfers, keyboards and mouse keys, printing, etc.

Remotely Connect to the Suspension System and Turn Off

The Dameware mini remote control includes support for Intel® vPro® with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) functions. This capability helps you access remotely and provides support for out-of-band computers.

Chat with end Users From the Dameware Console During a Remote Session. An easy-to-use session chat utility allows you to interact with end users during a remote session. It is not necessary to change the screen and open a third party chat.

One-click screen capture of the remote computer during the remote session. Able to take computer screens remotely quickly and save images to your local desktop.

Transfer Files During a Remote Session

The internal drag-and-drop file transfer functionality allows you to send and receive files between the local desktop and the end user's remote computer. This can help you avoid having to send attachments back and forth via email during a remote session.

Log in to the Interactive Smart Card and Authenticate the Remote Smart Card

Dameware Mini Remote Control was created to provide secure remote connectivity with the help of interactive smart card login and remote smart card authentication. Dameware is the first remote management software that offers this smart card option.

Easily Manage User Access and Permissions

Establish permissions to access remote computers according to the roles of users in your organization Dameware Mini Remote Control is designed so that you can determine remote access rights for different users and manage them through Group Policy.

Centralized Administration and Account Management.

When installed in a centralized deployment mode, Dameware Mini Remote Control allows you to centrally manage Dameware users and permissions, control and activate all Dameware licenses from one location and share a list of global hosts with all Dameware users. (IT technicians).

Active Directory Authentication and Single Entry System

Active Directory (AD) integration can help you easily import and manage the technician's AD credentials and enable AD authenticated single sign-on systems.

Simple License and Rapid Deployment

Dameware Mini Remote Control is granted under the license of the number of IT administrators or technicians' logins. There is no limit to the number of end-user computers that are compatible. Available as an independent software implementation and downloads and independent installations, usually in minutes.

Download Dameware Mini Remote Control :
Support Windows 32/bit
Free Driver
Support Windows 64/bit
Free Driver

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
20 Mb RAM
Hard Drive
150 Mb

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