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Deskroll Remote Desktop Details

Support your customers with DeskRoll and access your computer safely and easily. Download this application, install it on your computer and confirm remote access. It only takes less than a minute. Use a mobile device to provide remote access from your DeskRoll account. Use contact management features and link reporting. Save time and remote access and remote support bring it to a whole new level!

Publisher's Description

Windows 10 CompatibleDeskRoll is a solution for those who want a smooth and easy remote access and remote support experience: - Use your mobile device, laptop, desktop. - Control the computer remotely using the keyboard (physical or virtual), mouse, and button. - Take your time by adding new computers and sorting your contacts. - Create link reports for billing. DeskRoll only requires installation on a remote computer. Locally, you only open your online DeskRoll account - from a mobile device or from a computer. 

You can use any operating system as long as you run a modern browser with HTML5 support. This means almost all operating systems. Use DeskRoll to access remote computers. Install the app, enter the secure code from your DeskRoll account - and you're ready to use it! Place your remote computer in a folder, follow remote connections, and create invoice reports. Use default System Information for monitoring transactions, detailed hardware configurations, and other important data. Use DeskRoll to support your clients. 

Easily set the first connection with a secure code, use the default Chat and System Information to help you solve problems remotely. Save your customers to your contact list and simplify future connections with the same strict security. Log in to the comments to remember what you have done. Get the link history and prepare a report to create an invoice. Download DeskRoll Unattended access for remote access. In your DeskRoll account, you'll find additional tools for remote support.

What is DeskRoll?

DeskRoll is known as a remote desktop application that offers simplicity and flexibility. This platform allows users to fully access and control computers, regardless of their location. DeskRoll makes it easy for users to solve remote problems as if they were personal.

DeskRoll is the perfect tool to remotely manage multiple computers through a web browser. Users can easily gather information about computers, send files, apply keyboard commands, and initiate chat sessions. Best of all, you don't have to wait for confirmation by other parties to allow users to access them.

Overview of DeskRoll Benefits
  1. 1DeskRoll organizes everything. This means that the user does not have a launch or spread.
  2. 2Users need an HTML-5-compatible browser and a reliable Internet to access their remote desktop.
  3. Fast peer-to-peer communication.
  4. Quality and configurable speed help users maximize the system.
  5. Strict security protocols including 256-bit AES communication encryption and SSL.
  6. You can work through smartphones and tablets.
  7. Compatible with major cellular operating systems (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.).

Remote Support Software

Each business has its own characteristics and may require specific Communications Software solutions designed for the size of their business, the type of customer and staff, and even the specific niches they face. We recommend that you do not rely on the location of the perfect software that will be suitable for every job, regardless of the history. It may be a good idea to read DeskRoll reviews first, and you should remember what solutions are needed for your work and for your employees. 

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Do you need an easy and intuitive solution with just the basic features? Do you really use the advanced functionality needed by professionals and large companies? Are there specific, practical features for the sector in which you operate? If you ask yourself these questions, it will be much easier to find a solid application that suits your budget.