eHorus Best Remote Desktop Management

Remote Control for Server and Desktop

eHorus is a remote control solution for accessing computers. You can use it together with Pandora FMS to monitor on demand by accessing your Windows, Linux or Mac computer remotely. It works in location or SaaS (based on the cloud). eHorus is one of the best remote desktop management systems that allows IT administrators to manage all PCs located elsewhere. It is not necessary to travel to other places to correct PC errors. eHorus is an advanced SAAS remote desktop solution that contains many functions in the form of remote terminals, remote file transfers, remote process management and more. 

eHorus is the perfect platform to access other PCs from a web browser. eHorus makes it easy for users to integrate remote management systems into their own management system. For reader information, eHorus only needs to install a small agent on your device that runs as a service. This agent then connects the server so that the user can connect from anywhere that has an Internet connection. The main features and outstanding features of eHorus are universal remote access, forget about all types of firewalls or proxy servers, save money and flexibility, and can be used from all operating devices only from a web browser. 

The best thing about eHorus is that it does not impose conditions on users to renew the license by counting how many users access their operating device. When talking about other functions, there is 100% availability based on the cloud, full online availability, bidirectional file download, service and process control, and availability of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Integrate Remote Monitoring and Control in the Same Console

The Pandora FMS agent detects eHorus and uses it to automatically add remote control options to the Pandora FMS agent screen, which makes it possible to manage computers remotely. You can have remote control of all your servers monitored with Pandora FMS in an integral way and fully integrated in the interface.

Desktop Remote Control

Remote access to the desk as if you were sitting in front of it. The eHorus IP geolocation system in the cloud allows you to use the closest server so that the latency time is as fast as possible. If you use eHorus on the spot, you will not see a difference in being in front of your computer.

Remote File Transfer

Upload files to your remote machine or download from your browser in the background, when working with a machine.

Process of the Remote Control System

You can stop the processes and services running on the system remotely simply by clicking on the button on your browser. You can see the CPU usage ordered by process, memory and general system state.

Windows, Linux and Mac

The eHorus agent runs with Pandora FMS agents, on Linux, Windows and Mac. This includes servers (without desktop user interface) and workstations. This is also suitable for raspberry remote control boxes.

Download eHorus Remote Desktop Management :
Support Windows 32/bit
Free Driver
Support Windows 64/bit
Free Driver

Remote Shell

Solve problems faster than remote shells. You will have direct access through your browser with a remote system that runs Windows (any version), Mac or Linux (compatible with the main distribution). It is not necessary to start a separate tool, only remote access to the shell using your browser.

Shared Access

Temporarily share remote access to your system to third parties through the URL. eHorus is an easy-to-use tool to share files conveniently and quickly.

Local Version for Business

Take control remotely from your server and workstation, and do it not only by monitoring, but by managing all systems from the same console. Install all eHorus components on your own infrastructure and manage thousands of machines and devices for less than you think. The license model is based on the number of devices you want to manage. Existing Pandora FMS customers are entitled to special discounts.

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