How to Remote a Computer Through an IP Address

How to Control Someone else's Computer

Remote a Computer at present, the development of the internet is increasingly sophisticated. Various things can now be done using the internet. In fact, there is now an Internet of Things (IoT) technology that has penetrated into the world of manufacturing. The role of the internet as a remote to control industrial machinery has now begun to be applied in large industries. Speaking of remotes, remote computers or commonly known as remote desktops, are usually used to help someone who is having difficulty using a computer or when troubleshooting a computer. 

People who help will use this remote desktop to repair troubled computers. In addition, remote desktop is also widely used to open the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) rental business and advertising services that rely on LED technology. Oh yeah, what is Remote Desktop? Remote desktop is one of the features found in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Vista, 7, and above, which allows users to access other computers remotely as if they were in front of a computer that is being remote.

To use this remote desktop feature, the computer that is set up and regulated must be connected to the same network (LAN / Internet). That is the main condition, connected on the same network. At this time, we will discuss about the way remote computers via IP, both using the default Windows remote computer application and also applications from third parties. Here are the reviews for you.

Remote Computer uses Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is Windows's default remote desktop software. You can use this software to control computers that are on a LAN or local network. Computers that want to be remotely must allow other computers to be able to remote the computer. Therefore, you must first set the computer to be remote so that it can be controlled by the computer that wants to remote the computer. The following are the steps :
  1. Open Windows Explorer, then right-click on "This PC" for Windows 10 or "Computer" for Windows 7, then select Properties.
  2. Next the System window will appear. In that window, click on "Advanced system settings"
  3. In the "System Properties" window, move to the "Remote" tab, then give a check mark to "Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer" and "Allow remote connections to this computer". When you click OK.
  4. Repeat step number 1. Then in the "System" window, note the name of the computer that is in "Computer name".
  5. Don't forget to record your username. How, you can see it by pressing the Start button. Then look at the user name written below or next to the user's photo.
  6. Note the IP Address used. How to check the IP address is to open a command prompt or CMD, then write "ipconfig" and press Enter. Furthermore, the IP address can be seen in IPv4 Address.
  7. Next, you must provide a password on the computer you want to remote. If it's already there, then you don't have to give a password again.

Before connecting a computer that will be remote with your computer, both computers must be on the same network, both through LAN, MAN, and WAN networks. If it is not connected, then both computers cannot communicate with remote desktop. Following are the steps to start doing a remote desktop with another computer :
  1. Open the run window by pressing the Windows key + R, then write "mstsc" and click OK or press Enter.
  2. Continue the "Remote Desktop Connection" window will appear. directly click on "Show Options"
  3. Then, fill in the "Computer" column with the IP Address that was previously recorded. Also fill in the "Username" column with the computer name or user name that was previously noted. Then click "Connect".
  4. In the "Enter your credentials" dialog, enter the computer password you want to remote, then click the "OK" button.
  5. If a dialog like this appears "Remote Distance Identity cannot be verified. Do you want to be able to stay connected?", Just click the "Yes" button.
  6. Then you will be connected to the computer that will be installed. Then you can set up a remote computer just like you are sitting directly in front of the computer.

Remote Computer uses TeamViewer

In addition to using the default Windows software, you can also do remote computers via IP with third-party software. Well, third party software that is often used by many parties is TeamViewer. TeamViewer is software that is used to remotely computer a computer. You can get desktop access to other computers only with an internet connection. Not only on the internet, you can also do remote desktop via TeamViewer using a local computer network, both LAN and Wi-Fi networks. The following is how to do a remote desktop with TeamViewer :
  1. Before you start, make sure your computer as a controller with the computers to be controlled is connected to the same network.
  2. If you don't have TeamViewer software, you can download it on the TeamViewer website. After downloading, install the program as usual. Then, run TeamViewer. In the initial display, there will be a column containing IDs and Passwords that are randomly generated.
  3. Next, set your TeamViewer. The trick, click on the menu "Extras"> "Options". Then a new window will appear, then click the "General" tab.
  4. If you want to set up a computer on a LAN network, in the "Incoming LAN Connections" section, change the value to "Accept Exclusively". Click OK.
  5. While if you want to set up a computer on a VPN network, make sure you have installed TeamViewer VPN and ignore the steps in number 4.
  6. If you have set TeamViewer for LAN networks, the ID display is no longer random and has changed to your computer's IP address.
  7. Until this stage, you can remote PC through the local network. If you want to change the password to your liking, you can click "Extras"> "Options". Then click the "Security" tab, and enter the password you want. Click Ok to save the settings.

Now what if you want to do a remote desktop to another computer? The method is very easy. Here's how to start remote desktop with TeamViewer :
  1. Open the TeamViewer software on the computer. You can also use the TeamViewer smartphone application that you can download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and Apps Store for iOS devices. If you are an Android user, make sure you have activated the Play Store on your device.
  2. Enter the IP Address of the computer that will be remote in the Partner ID column.
  3. Enter the password, then click "Connect to Partner".
  4. Wait a moment until the TeamViewer application successfully connects to the computer that will be installed.

So many of our articles this time around how to remote computers via IP using Windows default software and third party software.