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LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac is a zero-configuration virtual private network (VPN) application that can allow you to be able to connect multiple computers on a secure network, as well as through a LAN network cable. Hamachi gives you LAN over the Internet. Almost all applications using local networks can also be used over the Hamachi network. LogMeIn Hamachi is a virtual private network application (VPN) written in 2004 by Alex Pankratov. The firewall was able to establish a direct connection between the computers behind it. Without relay from Internet / WAN); In other words, if the computer is connected to a local network ("LAN"), it creates a connection over the Internet that emulates an existing connection. 

LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac was acquired by LogMeIn from Pankratov in 2009. Currently available for Microsoft Windows and production version for macOS, beta version for Linux and Android and iOS compatible as a VPN-based client available. For paid customers, Hamachi is running behind idle computer. This feature was previously available to all users, but was limited to paid customers only.

Operational Summary

LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac is a managed VPN system that consists of client software installed on system servers and client servers that are installed on end-user computers. The client software adds a virtual network interface to the computer and is used to block incoming VPN traffic and inject at the same time. Outbound traffic sent to this interface by the operating system is sent to the client software that sends it to the target VPN partner over a UDP connection that has been encrypted and authenticated and initiated privately. 

LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac is currently controlling the tunnel from IP traffic including broadcasting and multicast. The Windows version also modifies and adjusts IPX traffic. Each client creates and supports connections to the server cluster. When a connection is made, the client receives the login sequence, then the discovery process and the status. Step to verify the client to the server, and vice versa. This discovery is used for the client's Internet topology connection, especially for NAT application licenses and firewalls on routes to the Internet. 

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The steps taken provide the customer with information about their personal network starting from other members of the network. When a network member is online or offline, the server instructs other network colleagues to turn the tunnel on or off. As he built a tunnel between his colleagues, Hamachi used the NAT migration technique to support servers similar to the UDP boxing hole. Detailed information on how to train was not successful. The next process does not have to be a special combination of NAT devices that require the user to move the port forward. 

In addition, installing LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac client software 1.0 may transmit traffic through vendor-managed 'migration servers'. If you suddenly lose the server connection, the customer keeps all the tunnels and starts activating their status. When the server suddenly loses customer connections, the customer notifies his colleagues about the facts and asks them to start checking for activity. This ensures that the LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac path exceeds the temporary network problems in the path between the client and the server and that a complete server cannot be used for a short time. 

Some LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac customers also receive closed ports on other clients that cannot be secured with routing ports. Hamachi is often used to play games and remotely. Sellers offer additional features for free basic services and fees. In February 2007, IP level blocks were implemented by Hamachi servers in some parts of the internet area of Vietnam because of uc system planning scale from block addresses ┼×ubat. The company is working on a solution that does not need a solution to this problem.