Mikogo Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection

Mikogo Remote desktop connections can provide many benefits for users, namely: entrepreneurs, companies, students, and others. Basically, remote desktop connections include sharing screens and remote control software that can allow users to access files and media on remote computers as if they were sitting right in front of the destination computer. Remote Desktop Computers can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which is very useful for those who travel frequently and businesses that have multiple offices in various environments, cities or even countries. The paragraphs below will describe what remote desktop connections are, how they can be useful and how they can work.

What is a Remote Desktop Connection?

Most Mikogo applications for remote desktop connections can allow users to be able to access and control computers remotely for very remote support. Single or multiple computers can be accessed, even through a firewall. Different applications also offer different capabilities, ranging from simple to complex. At the end of a simple spectrum, users can share desktop content, and access and transfer files between desktops. At the end of a complex spectrum, users can access and edit files, run programs, print to remote printers, restart and shut down computers, and help solve remote computer problems, known as remote computer support.

Using a Remote Desktop Connection

The benefits of mikogo remote desktop connections can reach far, especially for companies and entrepreneurs. If you arrive at a business meeting or conference destination and realize that you have left some important files on your home computer, remote desktop connections will quickly improve the situation. Correspondingly, those who work in the office and at home do not need to carry a laptop back and forth or worry about remembering a flash drive. When on your office computer, remote access allows you to access everything on your home computer and vice versa. 

Another use that according to people is very helpful with remote desktop connections is for online collaboration and teams. By being able to access and edit files on different computers, you and colleagues on remote computers can use remote desktop access software to view and edit the same file in real time. Finally, IT companies can use remote desktop connections to help customers with product problems through remote technology support.

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How Do Remote Desktop Connections Work?

Remote desktop connections work in several different ways. Some require installing or running desktop sharing software on a computer that you want to access remotely. Others don't need any software to install, but otherwise can be accessed through a web browser. They all perform similar and mostly easy to use functions, so it's up to you to determine your needs and preferences when choosing a remote desktop software application. Looking for an easy way to share for online meetings and remote support? 

Mikogo is a free full-featured remote desktop application to help you do perfect web conferencing or remote support sessions. Share screen content or applications in good color quality around the world with up to 25 participants simultaneously, while you are still sitting in your office chair. Mikogo can be used to share desktops, including web conferencing, online meetings, sales demos, web presentations, remote support, group collaboration, and more. Provide online technical support through remote controls. Perform product demos and sales to customers. 

Use Mikogo to edit and discuss the current team project. Or on a personal level, share photos of the last vacation with friends. Mikogo is a cross-platform software so you can start or join meetings using a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. No registration is required to start or join a session. Simply download and run the software and you are ready to share your first desktop with Mikogo.

Furthermore, Mikogo now includes an award-winning HTML viewer that allows participants to join a web browser on any computer or mobile device. When joining HTML Session sessions, no downloads are needed and also do not require ActiveX, Java, and Flash. 100% web browser based.