Parallels 2x RDP

Simple VDI Management

Parallels RAS automatically creates and distributes VDI desktops, optionally using customized templates. This saves administrators a lot of time, allowing administrators to quickly create and use the guest VM. Create a virtual desktop once and double it as needed. Using linked clones, IT teams can easily copy available files to virtual disks when the VM receives a snapshot instead of launching a new virtual machine. This allows multiple virtual machines to use the same software installation and at the same time saves disk space.

Guest VM Template Template Test

Parallels RAS includes the VM Template Guest Test wizard, which automates VM testing and VM deployments and reduces administrative manual tasks to help make the bespoke templates run smoothly. Guidance test sites can launch working VMs to ensure that they are created and configured correctly. This gives the manager peace of mind knowing that the template is fully available.

Warehouse Room Management

The VM template function is used to deploy VDI hosts to clients, allowing IT administrators to set up a pre-configured live timer, or to create persistent sessions that need to be manually removed. Once the specified time has elapsed, the VM image is removed from the Parallels RAS server, eliminating the storage space provided. In this way, IT administrators can have automatic storage management used by VDI hosts.

VM Pool Management

Pools give administrators more flexibility when managing a large number of guest VMs, especially when implemented in large enterprise infrastructure. IT administrators can assign several virtual desktop templates to their farms and share them between user groups. Each group can have virtual desktop templates with special requirements, such as document processing tools for finance or creative image processing tools, thus simplifying account management on the IT side.

Mobile - Parallelizations Client for iOS and Android

Unlimited navigation - Select text or images with one finger and drag and drop easily for a seamless interactive experience. Create custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used actions to increase productivity. Use the original controls and copy and paste between remote applications (even between remote applications and local applications on your device).

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Employees can secure Parallels Clients by adding a Touch ID® or password to open the app.

Password Complexity

Password complexity requirements will be seen by users who are trying to change or create new passwords for their account, providing an easier and more user-friendly experience.

Cellular Printing

Thanks to the transfer technology of Parallels Customer Transfer, it can be used to print iOS and Android devices locally.

Full Screen Application

The application is set to fit the entire screen and shown in detail, thus facilitating the interaction. Choose the best readability with larger text and images, or more with smaller text and more details.

Choose your Mouse Mode

Parallels Client is embedded in three different mouse modes - Touch Mode, Dumbo Mouse and Pointer - to meet the needs of different users while working from smartphones and tablets. In addition, iOS users can control applications and desktops published with the Swiftpoint GT Mouse and increase their productivity while traveling.

Web Access - Parallelism HTML5 Client

It's easy to work with Windows and desktop applications from the HTML5 web browser, access directly without any setup. Get instant web access with a single click on Parallels RAS Console, allowing employees to work efficiently from anywhere.
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Drag and Drop

Parallels HTML5 Client enhances UX by reducing the gap between virtual and local workspace experiences, allowing users to drag and drop files locally stored on devices and leave them to specific applications or server-based desktops.

Parallels Client for Chrome OS

Parallels Client for Chrome OS ™ creates dynamic web-based workspaces by enabling employees to run Windows, Google, and SaaS SaaS simultaneously. Parallels Client enables employees with Chrome OS to seamlessly access LOB applications (Windows businesses), desktops and data across any network, while at the same time improving security, while reducing management costs and endpoint maintenance.


For HTML5 web browsers and Windows devices, Parallels Client includes customization capabilities that enable organizations to update user interfaces with branding and color schemes. Ideal for managed service providers (MSPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), this feature allows companies to offer customers a personalized look. Different themes can be configured to reflect the different departments within an organization for individual users and groups in active directories.