Remmina Download

A Feature rich Remote Desktop Application 

Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK + that aims to be useful for system administrators and travelers who need to work with multiple computers remotely in front of large monitors or small netbooks. Remmina supports many network protocols in an integrated and consistent user interface. Access any operating system from anywhere with Linux

Remmina Features:

The following are the options and settings of the add-in removed from the Remmina source code.

Main Remmina Option:

  • Remember the last screen mode for each connection
  • Double-click the configuration
  • Quality scale
  • Auto scroll size
  • Last maximum item
  • Press button
  • Screen shot folder
  • File name screenshot
  • Screen shot Copy to clipboard
  • Configure the resolution
  • Sending periodic usage statistics to mitigation developers
  • Configuration tab
  • Toolbar visibility
  • Default screen mode
  • Full-screen behavior configuration
  • Search Bar in the main window
  • Tray icon
  • Dark Tray Icon Mode
  • Configure host key

Free Driver

What is Free Software?

Free software is a software that respects our freedom. Using free software means making political and ethical choices that confirm our right to learn and share what we have learned. Usually, the software we purchased rejects these rights because we do not actually own the software. Instead, we received a license to use the software, and this license was linked to us by many print rules about what we can and cannot do.

If we take a copy and give it to a friend, if we try to find out how the program works, we can put a copy in more than one of the computers in our own home, or we could be fined or imprisoned. In this little print. If there is a group of talented ethical programmers around the world who voluntarily decide to write and share software with each other and someone who agrees to share? 

What happens if someone can be a part of this community and can make use of it without knowing anything about programming?  We don't have to worry about finding useful programs for our friends; Because we're not going to do anything illegal.

Free Software Movement

In fact, there are such movements and you can be part of them. The free software movement began in 1984 by Richard M. Stallman when he launched a project called GNU which meant that UNIX would replace the UNIX operating system - instead of respecting their freedom. 

Nowadays, the number of people who are not computer users is decreasing, as technology infects the world. Information is needed to run this technology. People who store and threaten other people who try to retrieve and share this information do not do what they claim to protect it, no matter what they claim. Instead, they provide power for themselves at the expense of others' freedom.

To accomplish this, millions of people around the world - including the entire government - committed to using free software on their computers only. The fact that many people are willing to make this decision against Microsoft, Apple and other private software companies in the face of cheaper and cheaper mel deals bu proves that this company is wrong. linux get in Remmina