Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

What is Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise (RDM) centralizes all remote connections across a single platform that is securely shared between users and between teams. RDM is a powerful mobile application that complements desktop clients for Windows and Mac, with support for hundreds of integrated technologies, including multiple protocols and VPNs, integrated enterprise-level password management tools, global and detailed access control and a powerful mobile application remote access RDM, it empowers IT departments to reduce inefficiencies, costs and risks while increasing security, speed and productivity across the enterprise.

Centering, Managing and Protecting Remote Connections

The IT department is responsible for managing and controlling access to the ever-increasing server, computer and device inventory in the field. However, relying on several remote connection tools and the password manager is inefficient, frustrating, and insecure. Instead of clarifying clarity, instead of helping IT professionals, system administrators, and desk technicians to tackle ongoing chaos. The solution is to focus on remote connection technology, remote machine data, password management and access control on secure, measurable and easy to use platforms.

Remote Connection Management

The beauty of Remote Desktop Manager allows you to easily configure multiple securely shared connections between users in a central repository, allowing you to start them at the same time and switch between them quickly. Remote Desktop Manager also includes a secure password that allows you to store credentials and speed up the connection process with injection credentials.

Automatically Launches Connection

  • Get secure connections from a single platform to virtually any specific platform, remote server, virtual machine, web site and application.
  • Combine multiple links in one window to reduce desktop clutter.
  • Save your private account information directly in your personal security vault or database to make automatic entries easier.
  • Establish a one-click connection by injecting credentials directly into servers, systems, applications, and remote websites.
  • Use the Quick Connect feature to quickly access remote machines using Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, or web pages; To start your connection, simply enter your hostname or IP address.
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Remote Desktop Enterprise
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Sharing Easy Sessions

  • Share all your remote sessions quickly and securely on your team using a central repository.
  • Control, represent, and filter user access to privileged accounts using role-based access controls.
  • Use injection credentials when sharing sessions to improve security and facilitate sharing. Credentials are automatically mediated for users; they can never compromise in any time; because it never has access to plain text credentials.
  • Easily share your repositories with colleagues using the Internet, Intranet or private cloud.

Supported Technology

It integrates with all in the widest range of technology options including Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMware, Web, Virtual Internet Protocol, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH and more. Remote Desktop Manager offers a complete list of many plug-ins, including Nortel, Avaya and Watchguard, while providing integrated VPN connection management with Microsoft Cisco, SonicWall and IPSecVPN. Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise