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Remote meetings have become an important part of the workflow or the only way of communication in various teams around the world. Thomas Oppong, Founder of ALLTOPSTARTUPS, marks changes in remote studies as one of the 7 major business trends for 2019, because "even large companies have adopted remote employees, including at least power plants like Apple, Amazon, Dell, Intuition and IBM".

If your business has offices in New York, Boston and San Francisco, several teams in your company need to meet through a conference call or video conference to work on a joint project. If your business has only one office in Toledo, the same is the case with two permanent workers who need to meet others at home. Therefore, if you have to make a long-distance meeting, the first thing you have to deal with is the fear of being internally rejected and less productive. Generally, it is known that managers prefer face-to-face meetings rather than distant meetings because they are considered to be more productive. In general, this is true. 

However, there is always the possibility of adapting and improving the process and results of remote cooperation. Through video conferencing, when you hold meetings against meetings in your office, different rules apply. To be able to see and hear everyone in the whole meeting, you should consider meetings as remote companies as regular company meetings. So how can you do business without the clarity of face-to-face conversations? To help you smooth the process and create an attractive and productive atmosphere, we've compiled a long list of 16 long-distance gold meeting arrangements, and also asked them to share their experience and stories of far-fellow collaboration.

1. Good Stack of Online Meeting Tools

The best online meetings include three important things to remember: link, collaboration and feedback. Maintaining these important things makes the meeting more productive and makes the participants feel more. At the same time, you can apply a combination of tools that each tool is related to, but appropriate for, a particular task. 

For example, you can choose a business telephone system or conference application such as Skype to manage connections, combine them with tools for real-time collaboration such as InVision to do design work, and use various methods to collect entries, chat, MY M. In this case, You can make unlimited combinations and arrange them according to your meeting needs. Find a collection of famous instruments needed at Capterra, or try something hot at the Best Prices in the Product Hunting Collection

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2. Get to Know Your Vehicles and Get Plan B

How to turn on the video camera and send the code so that participants can enter when they join. However, getting to know your software and hardware correctly can help you use your tools more efficiently and solve problems faster. Make it a habit of making or calling online at least 5 minutes early, so you can either install the facility or return to plan B first. The video recording application must also be performed first, because it can overload the computer's working memory.

3. Prepare a Shared Field

What is the greatest benefit of the actual meeting? This is face-to-face interaction, which is the result of the sharing of certain areas. But the common lounge is not the same as the meeting room. It also includes shared writing charts, chats, shared screens, or shared online whiteboards. A combination of different shared areas remotely affects the presence of employees in meetings. This approach is generally used in Rentbits - Dan Daugherty (CEO) said he used the combination of Slack and Skype for all remote meetings, including employees. Skype screen sharing enables them to see product improvements when adding notes and updates in real time to the Gitlab project management dashboard.