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Remote Network Monitoring is short for Remote Network Monitoring. From this term we can understand that Remote Network Monitoring is a technique for monitoring network conditions. Monitoring of this network is very much related to traffic or data traffic that passes in a LAN (Local Area Network) or VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) network. In traditional networks, each device will provide status information for each specified period. This situation can cause traffic or busy data traffic. When it is very busy it can become jammed. With Remote Network Monitoring, the delivery of equipment status information will be sent according to the request of the workstation in charge of monitoring.

What is Done in Remote Network Monitoring is:

  1. 1. Collection of network statistical data
  2. 2. Make history by sampling for a certain period
  3. 3. Alarm to determine a boundary, if it passes a limit it will move
  4. 4. This event can send e-mail and SMS so that it allows us to monitor the network without having to monitor all the time. If there are abnormal things (past a limit) then we will get updates in realtime without having to monitor continuously

The benefits of Remote Network Monitoring are:

  1. Efficient in monitoring the network
  2. With the correct settings, we can do preventive things to ensure the network remains smooth
  3. Reducing network load related to network monitoring activities.

Louser Remote Monitoring Solution

LOUSER Remote monitoring Solution or Louser Eleview is a system that can control and supervise elevators of 32 units with each elevator control arranged by one computer unit as a host.

Remote System

The system receives information and also sends commands to each of the elevator controls. When an error or system failure occurs, problems can be checked and analyzed through a computer, making it easier for the elevator maintenance technician team. Using the power of the Internet, remote monitoring is gaining new meaning. With Internet-based instrumentation supporting the Internet, remote access can be provided anywhere on the smartphone. From the simplest application, view data on more complex uses, such as sending text messages or e-mails when an alarm occurs, or sending daily data files from a remote location to the central office, via an web browser on an iPhone, Blackberry or laptop. A user can access this data anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you have access to the Internet.

Behind the Curtain Technology

The Omega award winning server is all the secrets behind this new technology. IServer is designed to make settings and usage fast, easy and affordable. All you need is an Ethernet-based network; If the network has internet access, iServer! IServer supports standard Internet and network protocols, all of which are 9, so you don't have to worry about settings and configuration. The IServer can be accessed using a standard web browser. What kind of computer problem is not, what version of the operating system, iServer takes care of it for you. 

You can even use a terminal emulator to send simple text commands to the IServer, view the current settings, change and save these settings, or access the default help. If you have a computer running Microsoft Outlook on your network, iServer can send anyone or anyone anywhere in the world an email or text message. The advantage of using standard Internet protocols is simple and easy - it just works. No matter what computer you have, whether it's a PC running Windows, a PC running Mac, a netbook running Linux or a new iPad, it just doesn't matter what standard internet support you need. 

No additional software is required to wake you up in minutes. In fact, all smartphones with internet access will also work. No matter which mobile phone you use, iPhone, Blackberry device or Android-based mobile phone, if you have internet access and default browser, you are ready.

Solutions for All Applications

Omega offers a complete range of built-in Ethernet for a complete solution for every challenge. From the simplest communication converters to the most advanced wireless product range available, our Ethernet-based products make you more productive; Products designed to end-users and concentrate on the big picture; Don't worry for better details, we've done it for you. Embedded Ethernet products can be divided into several categories, depending on their functions; each is discussed in detail below.

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Remote Monitoring System
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Communication Converter

EIT iServer MicroServer ™ is a practical tool for converting serial communication (RS232 or RS485) to Ethernet. Within a few minutes your serial device can be accessed via your network; Users on your network can access the device even through a standard web browser, terminal server, or even a router, so users can access the EIT standard network protocols over the Internet, so the settings and operations are quick and easy. EIT supports Modbus® TCP / IP and can be used in Modbus-based applications. EIT is available in three versions: EIT-W wall / desktop installation model; EIT-D for mounting DIN rails in industrial environments; and EIT-PCB, which are printed circuit board-based products that can be included in OEM equipment, adds embedded Ethernet to products with existing serial interface. In Remote Monitoring System