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Remote Utilities is an application that can be accessed remotely for Windows. You can connect as many as 10 computers for free from a mobile device or desktop program. There are 15 different tools for connecting to a remote computer with Remote Utilities, which makes it one of the better applications on the remote desktop. This review of the version of Remote Utilities, released on April 14, 2019. Please let me know if there is a newer version that I need to review.

Deeper About Remote Utilities

  • Remote Utilities works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP versions.
  • Also supports Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
  • Client and host programs can be run from USB drive (such as flash drive) without installing any software
  • Supports remote screen display in viewing mode only to not interfere with anything
  • Remote Utilities works well on the back of the router. This means you do not have to make changes to the ports forwarding in your router settings
  • The software can run the host without installation to accommodate voluntary support
  • Some remote devices may be launched without displaying a message or confirmation on the host computer
  • The remote address book of the connection is backed up every day, and you also have the option to back it up online with the server you are charging.
  • Some of the supported tools are power control, Task Manager, voice chat, and video, remote execution, and screen recorders

With many tools like Remote Utilities, of course there are several benefits:

Pro :
  • 100% free for business and personal use for up to 10 pcs (more than 50,000 if you purchase a license)
  • Remote printing
  • Spontaneous support
  • Supports text chat
  • Transfer files
  • Remote Command Prompt
  • Can connect via desktop or iOS / Android software application
  • Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is supported
  • Unprecedented access
  • The process that runs can be turned off easily
Download Remote Utilities :

Download Viewer
Free Driver
Download Host
Free Driver

Remote Utilities Work System

Remote Utilities communicates the partner's computer and client. The host computer installs the Host software and the client installs the Remote program. The "host" here means the computer needs to be changed again, while the "Viewer" is the one that makes the remote internally - the computer needs to control other people. There are two versions of the host software: A version Remote Utilities of the regular installer actually installs computer programs, called "Hosts" on the download page, and programs that run without installing which makes it it's easier to connect quickly to the host computer, called "Agent" on the download page. 

When launching the Host software, the first thing you need to do is set a password. Host computer needs to open the settings for the Host program and access the Internet-ID connection settings to generate a 9-digit code available by the Viewer software to access the host. Now the client PC with the Viewer program installed can create a new connection using the Internet ID anda password configured on the host computer. Viewer programs Remote Utilities, such as Host software, can also be downloaded and run as portable programs. At this point, when the connection is made, the client can begin launching the device remotely against the host computer.

My Opinions about Remote Utilities

There are some really great tools included with Remote Utilities that, in my opinion, push it when compared to similar remote desktop software. The host software is a bit confusing when you try to set security options, but once you know everything and the Viewer software can make a connection, the tool is great. You can choose to view the remote screen in only display or full control mode, which is useful if you provide remote support but only want to watch what the user does and not interfere. After only a few clicks to change mode when you are in a Remote Utilities

I want the file transfer feature in Remote Utilities because it does not require a confirmed user. You can open the file transfer tool from Viewer, transfer files to and from a computer, and even do not see a remote screen. It really speeds up when you just want to access files remotely and not on the screen. There is also a remote Command Prompt that looks normal but runs commands against the host computer and not the client, which is a very neat feature to try Remote Utilities

I also liked the Inventory Manager, which shows remarkable details on the host operating system, hardware, and software installed, complete with a version number and manufacturer's name. When I tried the Mobile Viewer application Remote Utilities, I connected without problems and saw some monitors at once very clear, unusual.