RemoteLink (PC Remote) for Android

Remote Control for your PC

ASUS RemoteLink turns your Android phone or tablet into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your PC. Remote touchpad, remote keyboard, remote presentation, remote media and more. Asus RemoteLink is a default application that can be used to remotely use a computer or laptop using a Smartphone. To be able to use the Asus Remote Link, of course, there must be a device on the remote control. In this case, I'll show you how to connect your ASUS Zenfone Link to your ASUS Zenfone 5 smartphone with your ASUS A46CM laptop.

The Asus I use is running the Windows 10 64 Bit operating system for the A46CM. When using Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system for Asus Zenfone 5. Here are the steps to connect the Asus A46CM with Asus Zenfone 5 using Asus RemoteLink:
  • Update the Asus Remote Link app on your Android. If it's not already available, install the Free Remote Connection App on Google Playstore.
  • Run on your laptop ( Then download Remote Link in the URL.
  • After you have finished downloading the Remote Link application, remove the application from your laptop. Then install the application. (The application is the latest version of Asus Smart Gesture. It is better to use an Asus PC / Laptop to run this App.)
  • Restart your laptop after completing the installation.
  • Then open the Asus Smart Motion App on your Notebook PC.
  • In the Mobile Control Menu section, check the Enable Remote Connection on My Computer section, and then click OK.
  • Open the Remote Connection Application on Android. Then, whether you want bluetooth or Wi-Fi, select the connection according to your request. To connect to Wi-Fi, both smartphones and laptops must be connected to the same smartphone or laptop connected to the wifi made by our smartphones. After selecting the link, click Search for Devices.
  • The name of the laptop connected to the network will then appear. Click the name in the list.
  • Done, you can remotely control your laptop using your smartphone.
  • Asus Remote Link can be used instead of keyboard or mouse and can be moved remotely. In addition, this application can also make it easier for users to perform music playback or PC shutdown presentations.

Download RemoteLink for Android :

RemoteLink for Android
File Zip/Rar

Touchpad with Multi-Touch Movement

The remote touchpad converts your Android device to a wireless PC touch pad that supports the right touch panel functions and ASUS Smart Motion.

Easily control your slides

Presentation remote, you can make a clean presentation. Very easy! Very professional!

Sit and Enjoy Music

Remotely control your Windows Media PC Player between your fingertips in the media.

Android Wear

When you connect your mobile device to a PC via WiFi or Bluetooth using your ASUS RemoteLink, then connect your ASUS ZenWatch to your mobile device, you can now remotely control your presentation using simple gestures on the ASUS ZenWatch.

With the ASUS Remote Link app, you can:

  • Use voice commands to launch ASUS Remote Link in ZenWatch.
  • Swipe up or down on ZenWatch to move back and forth between your presentation slides.


  • ASUS RemoteLink requires a WiFi or Bluetooth connection between your PC and your smartphone.