Download RemotePC is a free remote access app for Windows and Android. This application provides good features such as chat, file transfer, and some monitor support.

RemotePC 7.6.12

Complete RemotePC Review, Free Remote / Desktop Access Program.

RemotePC is a free remote access app for Windows and Android. This application provides good features such as chat, file transfer, and some monitor support. Both mobile devices and even desktop software can be used to make connections remotely with a RemotePC computer.

How the RemotePC works

The same RemotePC application can be installed for hosts and clients, which means there are no confusing utilities or random tools that you have to download to make RemotePC function just install the same program on the host and client computer. After both the host application and the client computer are installed and you can open RemotePC, there are two ways to use it for remote access:

Remote Access Always Active

On this occasion the author wants to provide the best ways to use RemotePC is to register for a user account so you can track other computers that you will connect to. For example, you want to do this if you want to have permanent access to your own computer while traveling, or to the computer of your friend who always needs help. On the computer where you will be remoting later, open the Remote-ON area Always-ON RemotePC and click Configure Now! to start. Give the computer a name that is easily recognizable and then type "Key" in the two spaces provided (the key functions as a password to access the computer later).

After you turn on remote access always active on Remote PC, you can enter RemotePC on a different and remote system to the host computer whenever and wherever you want. Just select from the list and enter the key / password that you created.

One time Access

You can also use RemotePC for instant access and just one use. To do this, just open the program and enter the Give Access One-time program area, and click Activate Now ...! Give others "Access IDs" and "Keys" that you see on the screen so they can easily enter your computer. They can do this by entering the same ID and password into Connect using the RemotePC area of the One-Time ID in their program. After all sessions are complete, you can use the Disable Access button to revoke the key / password so that other people cannot return to your computer unless you have reactivated one time access, which will generate a new password.

Download RemotePC :

RemotePC for Windows
Free Driver
RemotePC for macOS
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My mind is on RemotePC

RemotePC is a very smart application that can connect with other computers or computer friends if your friend needs spontaneous help with his computer, but also very suitable for unattended access to your own computer. Although it supports storing only one computer information for free, that is enough for most people, especially if you only use RemotePC to log in to your own computer when you leave. It is important to remember that if you want to use RemotePC to access one time spontaneously, you can do it as much as you want on different computers as much as you like. 

The limitation of one computer is only relevant when you set access always active. It is also good that RemotePC has a chat feature because the program doesn't necessarily have it. What I always like RemotePC Apps can have the ability to transfer files when connecting to a remote computer, the RemotePC is fortunately included as part of a free package. Interestingly, this file transfer tool does not have to be used as part of a remote access tool; You can also transfer files without even opening the full remote control screen.

Of all my discussions above, I highly recommend RemotePC for unattended or spontaneous access, but if you need more computers in your account or want to try something with different features, you can always test something else like Ultra VNC.

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