Remote Screen Computer Access Through the Internet

ScreenConnect is a fantastic software that offers a simple way to get remote access from your user's computer screen via the Internet. In addition, this application also allows you to share screens with anyone you like and access unattended devices. ScreenConnect is perfect for remote support so you can make sure that all of your computers have no error, timely and managed at all times, without your network administrator to visit each machine. This program allows you to have remote meetings, saving you time spent all the time on trips to and from the conference room.

This application is a very affordable solution, with cross platform support that provides you with remote access, support, and conference functionality set on one product, for your convenience. Because productivity and performance are important for a successful business, some technicians allow ScreenConnect to work in one session at the same time. Inviting your employees and partners to meetings has never been easier, because the application offers many ways to do it like using email invites and session codes. If you like, you can also create sessions that are visible to the public.

As ScreenConnect guarantees a proper remote access experience, it does not reduce security. You will be able to choose from several validation modes but also benefit from a security-based paper and make sure that your data flow remains secure at any time using the powerful AES encryption protocol.


  • Pentium 3 800Mhz processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 10MB disk space
  • Server: NET Framework 3.5+
  • Host: NET Framework 2.0+

CreenConnect is a quick, reliable, and secure support, meeting and remote access solution. Use remote support and access to PC fixes, offering updates, and managing machines. Handle seminars and presentations online with remote conferences. ScreenConnect contains both features as competing remote control programs and available as a hosted solution or cloud. Flexibility : Offers different licensing options for companies of all sizes and to adapt to different usage models. 3-in-1 Remote Access, Remote Support, and Remote Meetings in one easy and natural solution. No compromise Even though ScreenConnect is part of the cost of competition.


  • The central web program serves as a meeting point between your customers and technicians.
  • Access from anywhere gives you the ability to handle problems where there is an internet connection.
  • Install clients avoid waiting for customers to stumble by installation.
  • Smart launch selects the simplest deployment method regardless of platform.
  • A smooth Traversal firewall for customers and technicians makes life easier for everyone.
  • Proxy traversal is not a problem, because ScreenConnect uses system settings to manage connections.
  • No administrator access is required for customers or technicians to join a session.
  • Support for multiple sessions allows the technician to work on multiple sessions at once.
  • Configure domain names and special grant ports for each access point combination.
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