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ShowMyPC Remote support meets the needs of millions of businesses around the world, because it helps companies achieve their business and financial goals faster and more efficiently. Our remote computer access applications can increase productivity and increase profits by reducing costs in various areas of your business. This app is completely safe and reliable.
  • As a premium user, you can personalize your account in a variety of ways.
  • Send this password to yourself automatically.
  • Add a Logo, change the title, and receive the Conference Call Number.
  • Supported remote users do not need to give you a 14-digit password.
  • The default password length is 4 digits. Many of these maximum passwords can reach from 2 digits to 10 digits.

  • Screen Sharing for Online Presentations and firewalls that limit the ability of viewers to watch using a standard browser.
  • Anyone allowed can view feeds only without a browser-based plug-in or download.
  • Publish your screen to provide online PowerPoint presentations, meetings and demonstrations.

How Does ShowMyPC Work?

ShowMyPC is a simple tool for accessing and collaborating remotely. This allows you to share screens with other users over the Internet. There are many potential uses, such as providing remote support for such tools, organizing virtual meetings, or teaching someone how to use certain applications. One of the simplest collaboration tools you can find on ShowMyPC is easy to use, even with little technical skills or no remote collaboration software. This application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. The software takes only a few minutes to load, and the autoloader manages the settings of all the necessary components running behind the scenes to provide remote access to the PC. 

Both users share their computers and install applications to connected people systems. The ShowMyPC also includes a Java version that can be used to access remote computers without having to install a Windows application. This can be a big plus if someone needs to share a desktop with Mac or Linux users. After the two users start ShowMyPC sharing their computers, simply click the "Show My Computer" button, which automatically creates a password to be given to other users. Users on the screen side only need to press the "View Remote PC" button and enter the password provided by the host. ShowMyPC has a basic chat and whiteboard feature that allows both users to communicate without having to use another messaging program. 

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Another feature included is the ability to share only certain applications, screenshots, and scheduled meetings. Advanced users can set the program to connect via a dedicated SSH proxy or server, if required. Free Edition Has Several Bounds ShowMyPC is made for individual users who want the collaboration tool to be as simple as possible. This takes advantage of the routing of VNC and SSH, which is a very common open source remote access technology. However, unlike other VNC-based applications that are designed for more advanced users, such as server administrators, port forwarding configuration is not required to add exceptions to the firewall or to give the IP address of the hosts to the remote users. 

Although it is quite good for free programs, this program has a few minor flaws. The latest version comes with an updated user interface to provide a more modern display program, but some users have reported visual disturbances, such as menu options that disappear for a few seconds while the connection is active. The free version of ShowMyPC can be used to connect to only one computer at a time, one hour per session. Some practical features for many users, such as file transfer and shared folders, can only be used by purchasing one of the paid versions.