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Remote Access Desktop Using Splashtop

Splashtop Business Access is a good and inexpensive remote access software with simple security settings, but more expensive competitors offer more features and a better interface. Business Access is an economical alternative to more expensive remote access software such as Splashtop, TeamViewer and GoToMyPC Editor Options, and your budget must be taken into account. We love the ability to provide remote access sessions, especially without simple security options and passwords. 

It doesn't have some advanced features like the chic whiteboard you found on more expensive competitors, and the design is clumsy. Splashtop costs $ 60 per user / year, and each user can access up to ten computers remotely. When you buy a subscription for four or more users, then you have been given a discount starting at 20 percent. Remember that there is no free version, like the one offered by TeamViewer or VNC Connect. Splashtop also offers several additional options. 

If you want multiple users to access your machine at the same time, you can add a Splashtop Classroom account that is designed for training and can be used by any business, but subscriptions start at $ 29.99 per year with shared access from three devices. You can also use the free Splashtop Personal mobile app to access a Mac or Windows machine from a portable device. This last option is free to access the home network and is $ 16.99 per year for internet access.

I tested the main service of Splashtop Business Access. It offers 256-bit encrypted sessions with all basic remote access features: chat windows, file transfer, shared dashboards, local printing of remote files, and access from mobile devices. You'll also get advanced features such as the ability to restart the remote machine in safe mode while troubleshoot other people's machines. You can only access Windows and Mac systems, but you can access them from anywhere, including any platform that can run iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone and Chrome. 

Apart from some warnings I'll explain below, the features work correctly and provide basic remote access functionality for your money.

Elegant design and sophisticated comfort in the LogMeIn, GoToMyPC or TeamViewer you don't get. I also did not see the same level of reliability that other remote access products offer in my tests.

Why Take Remote Access Software?

Remote access applications allow you to run a computer in the entire room or across the globe, as if you were sitting in front of a keyboard and screen. You connect to a remote machine using the application, and then - until you click the outside of the remote access window - everything you type and every move you make with the mouse is sent to the remote machine. This gives you access to your home or office desktop while traveling with your laptop, or you can send invitations to others that allow them to access your machine.

Download Splashtop Remote Access :

Splashtop Business Access

Install the Splashtop Business on the mobile device and computer that you want to use:

Windows 10. 8. 7. XP
Free Driver
maCOS 10.7+
Free Driver
Free Driver
Free Driver

Splashtop Streamer

Install the Splashtop Streamer software on a desktop computer that you want to access / control remotely to:

Windows 10. 8. 7. XP
Free Driver
maCOS 10.7+
Free Driver
LINUX (beta)
Free Driver

Almost all remote access applications also allow you to copy files back and forth between local machines in front of you and away, or to perform other tasks, such as copying and pasting text or images to a clipboard on the machine. The other party You can usually open a chat window so that someone with someone sitting in front of a remote You can talk. Some remote access software allows you to save the ones on the remote screen as video, or use a remote screen such as whiteboard, remote arrows on the remote line, and arrows that can only be seen when you enable whiteboard. As I mentioned earlier, Splashtop Business Access does not offer this latest feature.

How Does it Work

Like VNC Connect, Splashtop also uses two separate applications: the server application installed in the machine you want to enter and the viewer app installed in the machine you want to see. I prefer an integrated application, because I use my system as an alternative, both locally and as a remote machine, but if you know that you will only use remote access software to run other people's machines for technical support, a separate application method can be meaningful or demo.

One of the confusing effects of separating viewer and server applications is that you cannot remotely restart the machine from the viewer toolbar. You must return to the server application, and optionally in safe mode, click the option button that directs the machine to a dialog where you can remotely restart the machine. You need to use the same option to change the resolution of the window viewer - a feature that is provided directly from the viewer app by the competitor program and is probably the one you most likely want.

The Splashtop viewer app has a minimal toolbar with a clumsy icon that allows you to open a file transfer window, set the frame rate of a remote image, switch to full screen, and switch between multiple remote screens. Confusing multiple screens are displayed even if the remote machine uses only one display. As you do with GoToMyPC or LogMeIn, you can't get drag-and-drop file transfers from the viewer and the local desktop.

Security settings

On the plus side, Splashtop offers a comfortable security setting, so you can set a few ways to start a remote session. You can enter account IDs used on the remote machine with additional code that you can optionally specify, or enter a specific access code for the remote machine. You may even forget that you need a password - but this is the best option for personal use between your own computers.