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TeamViewer 11 - TeamViewer®, the global pioneer of remote control software and online collaboration, announced today that the latest version of TeamViewer 11 is ready to use, after successfully completing the beta period of the flagship product. Easy connection to operating systems and headless Linux servers, TeamViewer now completes the entire package. Additional features include Android and other Host mass distributions. The latest version of TeamViewer comes shortly after the leading market analyst firm IDC presents TeamViewer as the market leader in the Involuntary Remote Support sector.

Bulk Docking Host Android: TeamViewer enables users to deploy a TeamViewer Host application community to all Android devices using the "Design and Distribution" feature in the Management Console. Especially for customers with many Android devices, this new feature saves a lot of time and helps improve the deployment of the Host application. New Windows 10 application: The new "TeamViewer: Remote Control" application is available on Windows 10 devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Ultrabooks and more. With this Windows Universal App, users can provide self-support or access applications on their own computers while traveling.

Total, New Features in TeamViewer 11 Follow Three Key Goals:

  1. Providing the best user experience: The most important proof of this is the huge performance increase that makes TeamViewer 11-15 times faster and reduces data usage rates by up to 30 percent. This not only makes TeamViewer more efficient, but also makes it easier to use programs in areas with bandwidth problems. Of course the user experience has also been improved with a renewed user interface, making TeamViewer more intuitive and easier to use than before.
  2. Add more usage status: The examples include the availability of TeamViewer chat anywhere, anywhere, to provide secure end-to-end encrypted communications with any device. TeamViewer users can now chat from within the Management Console and on all mobile devices - offline and offline. In addition, the new and customizable SOS Quick Support button allows IT service personnel to leave shortcuts on their PC desktops so customers can quickly reach their supporters with just one click when they need help. This provides more convenience for users and gives IT service companies the opportunity to transform customer support into repetitive customers.
  3. More devices available: TeamViewer provides the easiest connection to headless Linux systems - a crucial factor in the telecommunications industry. In addition, TeamViewer is the first professional remote access solution to support unattended access to Chrome OS and Android devices. The importance of Android goes beyond smartphones and tablets. More devices based on Android; such as sales points (POS), ATMs, public demonstrations, vending machines or wind turbines.

TeamViewer 11 is definitely the best TeamViewer ever and makes our lives easier. This is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of our users. The feedback we received to date has been very positive, and many of our users congratulate us on the performance improvements provided by TeamViewer 11, "said Cornelius Brunner, vice president of Product Management at TeamViewer." We accept all proposals carefully what our community says to improve our products and ensure the best remote access experience. This is what TeamViewer did in the 11th beta period. Overall, TeamViewer 11 was designed to guarantee the best user experience, add more usage scenarios and use more devices than any other solution on the market.


TeamViewer 11 is immediately available for Windows, Mac, Linux, cellular and Chrome OS devices. The properties set may vary depending on the operating system. Additional information and download options are available at For professional use, TeamViewer offers a variety of licenses designed to meet specific company requirements, regardless of size. More information is available at As always, for personal use in non-commercial environments, TeamViewer software is free.

About TeamViewer

Founded and established in Göppingen in 2005, TeamViewer is focused on developing and deploying advanced solutions for fully online communication, collaboration and remote monitoring of IT systems. With more than 30 languages and more than 200 million users worldwide, TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote control and online meeting software providers. airbackup, cloud-based backup solutions, and ITbrain, remote monitoring solutions, and IT asset tracking complete the TeamViewer product portfolio.


To use TeamViewer, make sure that the program is running on the machine you want to connect to, and then start TeamViewer on your machine. Or, remote machines can use the temporary access method without having to install TeamViewer. To do this, people on the remote machine must visit the TeamViewer website, then scroll down and press the Join button in the remote control session.
  • You will then be prompted to save the file.
  • They must go to File position and run it. They will then see the following screen.
  • Click on an existing password to create another random password or use its own personal password. Whether you use installed programs or temporary access, they must provide you with an identification and password for their machine. In any case, they may not offer these details to anyone they do not know. Enter the remote computer's Public ID as shown below. In this example, ID 722446564 will be made to the machine running Windows 10.
  • Enter a password generated on the remote computer, and then press Enter.
  • After connecting, the remote screen will look like this.
  • Fly to the right and the top can be pushed back to the side.
  • You can now operate a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. For example, on Windows 10, the Start button will be pressed to display the Start Menu.
  • Close TeamViewer to complete the session. If you are using the free version, the following message will appear.
  • If TeamViewer is installed on a remote machine, TeamViewer continues to run from the remote machine in the System Tray, even if the connection is broken, so that it can be reconnected if necessary. To truly stop TeamViewer, right-click TeamViewer in the System Tray and select Exit.
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