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Easily Remote Access to Other Computers

TeamViewer is a remote access application that provides access to another computer and works as if you were on it. The first thing you need to do is to install TeamViewer to the oboth computer and the user being accessed. Since then, you'll be able to remotely control other computers. If you need to help a friend, this is perfect, because you'll control your computer from your computer, and you're also in the office and want to manage downloads at home. You can give your computer screen access to other users, create accounts, and determine who can access the computer.

If you think that remote access is very difficult, you must use TeamViewer. It is very easy to use and saves you the trouble of understanding the explanations and headaches. Remember, it is free for personal use, so enjoy it.


TeamViewer is the perfect tool for people working as "technical support" for family and friends. This uninterrupted solution allows you to take full control of a remote machine. The most common way to use it is to access a remote from one PC to another, but there is also an official Android app that lets you connect to a remote machine from any smartphone or tablet and also control remote devices using a PC. We explain how to do all the operations in both directions.

How to Connect to a PC Remotely from an Android Device

On the Android side, you need a TeamViewer application for the Remote Control, an official TeamViewer client must be installed on that PC. When you open the PC version, you will see a window with a nine-digit identifier and a four-digit password, which you must type in the appropriate field in the Android app. With this simple process you can now discover a remote desktop by tapping the screen on your smartphone or tablet.

During the scan, you can zoom in by touching any area to compress the screen and get the same effect as clicking with the mouse. You can also create standard shortcuts for all functions, including CTRL + ALT + DEL, which is common to a virtual keyboard and a submenu set from the bottom bar of the screen and the mandatory snippet. It also allows you to activate Windows wallpaper from the settings menu in the same bar (by default it becomes black in the background) and you can change the output resolution to change from the PC and set it to the screen you are working on.

How to Connect to an Android Device Remotely from PC

The opposite is not mysterious with the intention of seeing and using Android devices from a PC. On the PC side, you'll use the same TeamViewer client in the previous section, but you'll need to switch to a different application, especially if it's still official on Android: TeamViewer QuickSupport. On the PC's start menu, you will see the Computer Control section remotely, and you have a column under it to populate the corresponding computer ID. When you're done, just press the connect button and start again.

In front of you there is a remote control panel consisting of several tabs. The main device shows what is happening on the display of a connected device in real time, as well as the chat you can communicate with the owner. Although it looks otherwise, the free version of TeamViewer doesn't give you remote control of the touch commands, but as you'll see later, it allows you to do some other maintenance. All you can do is click the PC at the top of the screen to show the area of the finger icon. 

Now, it should be clearly understood that the idea of the system is to provide the direction to the person holding the smart phone, watching each movement from a distance. You can continue to access a range of automated actions: From the Panel tab, you can see a summary of the basic device information in terms of model, available space, and RAM and battery status. However, something very interesting is something else. 

In the Applications section, you can see a list of all installed applications and even delete them remotely (although a window appears on the other side to confirm each action). Likewise, in the settings section, you have the option to edit parameters related to WiFi connections, including protocol data and passwords. In addition, it has a very handy file explorer in the upper left corner of the screen and allows you to transfer any document between the phone and the computer in both directions, as you know.

Download TeamViewer v.14 :
Version. 14
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Provides Remote Assistance for Android Devices with Teamviewer

TeamViewer is the main tool for repairing your father's computer when he does something he shouldn't have done and suddenly finds himself in the Seventh Inferno Circle in the toolbar. This popular remote assistance service allows you to establish cross-platform connections including interactions with Windows, Mac and smartphones. In other words, your father can calm down because you can repair your mobile phone remotely. Here, we explain how to connect to Android remotely and provide technical assistance via any desktop computer.

What You Need to Use TeamViewer?

Like the previous version, you must also install the TeamViewer client on both devices that will be connected. You will need a standard client for your PC, if you are on Android you need to choose the application to install the correct application. TeamViewer Remote Control is an application used to connect to another device, but this is not what we need right now. TeamViewer QuickSupport is what we're looking for because it offers a number of features that focus specifically on AID and AUXILIARY DEVICES.

After installing both clients (a PC and an Android), you will first have to start the phone and when it starts, you will see a nine-digit identifier that you need to send to the person who uses the computer to connect. In the start menu on the PC client, you will see the Computer Control section remotely, and there is free space under which to fill the computer ID. Then click the button to connect and you're ready.

What Can you do Remotely?

You have a remote control panel consisting of several tabs. The first is the screen of the connected device in real-time next to the chat window; so you can talk to the device users. Conversely, the free version of TeamViewer doesn't allow touch gestures on the remote screen, although you can do some other maintenance in a minute. All you can do is click the screen that displays the finger icon to point to the specified area. When watching the movement at each distance, it should be clear that people should give a long distance direction in front of the smartphone.

However, you can access a number of automatic actions from the Panel tab. There you can see a summary of basic device information - models, space, available RAM, battery status - but there are many interesting parts elsewhere. In the Applications section, you can see a list of all installed applications and even remove them. The device opens a window to confirm each operation. You'll also have the ability to edit settings related to WiFi networks, including protocols and access passwords.

There is a very handy file explorer that you can find in the upper left corner of your screen, allowing you to transfer all types of documents between devices in both directions. It is perfect to send applications directly in APK format (with backup or something you know).

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