What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer functions from home. Far on a business trip. Or maybe you just need to take a break from your office desk. By using the TeamViewer remote access tool, you can still be productive wherever you are. Wherever life takes you, your desktop application only uses a few clicks.

This application is supported by a very powerful world network, with free TeamViewer remote access software, it can allow you to connect to your work computer, from anywhere, anytime. And access desktop files, as if you were sitting in front of your workstation. Immediately. Easily. With safe.

VPN Serves Good Quality on Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Cafeteria. Shared hotel internet. Airport network connection without guarantee. Of course, you have VPN access to the company system where you work. But, face it. Working remotely with a VPN on public Internet is not impossible.

Download !

  • Download and install the TeamViewer Remote Desktop program on a computer that requires remote access. Set up access unattended.
  • Give your name a computer and set a password.
  • Install TeamViewer on the computer that you want to use to access the remote computer. Add devices to your partner list.
  • To access a remote computer, select the remote computer name from the Partner list and connect it.

This link TeamViewer :

Free Driver

After connecting, look at the Remote Desktop screen, and control the mouse and keyboard, and do so as you are. Put the remote computer to sleep and wake up from within TeamViewer when you want to access it again.

Working remotely, you need access to files on a network drive. And programs from your office computer screen. With TeamViewer, you get a simple, affordable and safe VPN alternative. So you can log in to access your desktop computer remotely, wherever you are.

Overcome Emergency Work Problems, No Matter Where You Are

Mobile support when traveling is simple and reliable. Occupational emergencies occur. System crashed. Legal problems arise. The emergency doesn't matter whether it's a weekend, if you are sick, and if you go on vacation. With the TeamViewer remote access solution, you are always just a few clicks away from your office desktop computer. Reach your network files. Overcome unexpected problems. Where ever you are.

Not Near Your Laptop?

Then use the TeamViewer mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile, connect directly from your mobile mobile device to any remote desktop. Access files and applications on your desktop computer. Print files remotely on your home printer, directly from your mobile. Bias to see everything in the high resolution remote desktop display, it can automatically be resized to your mobile's mobile screen. Cross platform support TeamViewer allows you to connect to any device, and from any device, I highly recommend this TeamViewer Application