Remote Desktop Roundup: TeamViewer UltraVNC

TeamViewer UltraVNC is a powerful and easy-to-use remote control application that you can use to display other computer / laptop screens on your laptop / computer screen over the internet or local network. TeamViewer  UltraVNC (Virtual Network Calculation) allows you to use the keyboard and mouse to remotely control other computers via local and internet networks.

This means that you can work as if you were sitting on a remote destination computer, as if you were sitting directly in front of a computer controlled from your location. The server application and its customers offer complete and detailed configuration options. Many settings can be made, whether the server can only be monitored or used to fully control the client computer.

It supports multiple images on a single screen, so you can offer solutions at the same time. You can set the maximum number of screens. Note, however, that the screen will load the computer more. Therefore, set the capabilities of your server computer to display more than one screen at a time.

Features of TeamViewer UltraVNC:

  1. Transfer files, video drivers, MS Logon, text chat, Viewer Toolbar, File Transfer Java Viewer, supported by many monitors, automatic reconnection and others.
  2. UltraVNC can be a solution that makes it easier to troubleshoot the client computer without having to be on the client computer. This application is very suitable for managers who should monitor the use of a large number of computers remotely, such as computer, office, school or computer training place.

Operating System Based Remote Desktop

Both Windows and Mac OS had long-standing remote desktop solutions. So people feel comfortable using it - they're relatives, they're free, and they're provided by a company they've been trusted to run all their computers, TeamViewer UltraVNC.

Download 32/bit
Free Driver
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Free Driver

Although not difficult to use, the major disadvantage of the default tool is that it must be configured by people at the other end. If you are configuring (directly on your own machine or on behalf of your relatives when you visit directly), this is not a big problem. However, if the relatives have called you and need help, the problem of guiding them by activating the remote desktop function is solved not only with real problems.

However, after opening, it allows unattended use of Windows and Mac OS solutions. Although we have done so far as Windows Remote Desktop Connection, it is a terrible product for remote desktop use, actually - in the right context - the best solution. If you are using a home or office computer that is Windows Pro or better (so everything supports RDC hosting), connecting to these machines with RDC is actually a very hassle-free experience as it is on the computer.

You'll never know that you're not using a used computer, as well as a small blue toolbar at the top of the screen that shows that you're using the screen sharp, fast, and color-sensitive connection and RDC. Next table. For use in an office with a Windows computer running at home or in the office, you don't have to worry about using Remote Desktop Connection TeamViewer UltraVNC, because RDC has been done for: local network management in a professional environment.

Third Party Remote Desktop: Flexible and Full Features

Although Windows and Mac OS have their own remote desktop / server clients, as we have seen before, there is a world of third-party remote desktop solutions to meet almost every need. Although we highlight only the most accepted and feature-rich solutions here, if you want to go deeper into this issue, we recommend that you check out the highly comprehensive Wikipedia feature chart that compares dozens of different remote desktop products.

So far this solution shines (we can easily save money for our last venture, VNC). Unlike the configuration requirements mentioned above, simply use the application and provide an access code to simply use them (for the person you are contacting). TeamViewer UltraVNC