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What is TightVNC?

TightVNC is a free remote control program. With TightVNC, you can view your desktop computer remotely and control it using your local computer's mouse and keyboard, just like you do on a computer. TightVNC is? Free software for personal and group use, with complete source code, useful in management, technical and educational support. 

And for many other purposes, cross platform, available for Windows and Unix, including Java clients, compatible with standard VNC software. TightVNC has recently fixed a number of problems, but has fixed important bugs. Version 2.8.8 is the recommended update for all TightVNC users.

With TightVNC, You Can:

Reduce your expenses and save your travel time, to help your friends and family solve problems with their computer remotely, and make sure there are no computer errors when you leave. Make sure everyone starts downloading the new TightVNC package. Also, here you can see what has changed in each version of TightVNC. 

Win the newly updated TightVNC download. Don't forget to see what's new in the updated version, as well as all previous versions. February 9, 2016 - Make remote Ripple devices for iPhone and iPad
The first version of Remote Ripple for iOS was released today. Remote Ripple is the new VNC Viewer for Android and iOS, the perfect mobile companion for TightVNC. 

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March 25 2015 - After Basic SDK: .NET Viewer
We offer the latest additions to the TightVNC product family: Remote Core SDK. This is a software development tool, a collection of libraries that implement TightVNC connectivity, hiding all the complexities of the TightVNC protocol behind a simple and convenient API.

Free Driver

The first component that we offer today is the .NET Viewer SDK. This allows you to easily add TightVNC Viewer functionality to existing programs. TightVNC uses what is called the "strict encryption" area, which improves the quality of performance through low bandwidth connections. This is an effective combination of the JPEG and zlib compression mechanisms. 

You can watch videos and play DirectX games via TightVNC via a broadband connection, even at low frame rates.


TightVNC is compatible with the intersection and implementation of VNC clients and other servers, but most other applications do not support strict and secure coding, so you need to use TightVNC from both parties to get the full benefit of the increase. Among important file transfer enhancements, DFMirage support for Windows drivers is mirrored to detect screen updates (saving CPU time and improving TightVNC performance quality), the ability to automatically zoom in and capture SSH Tunneling on Unix. 

Since version 2.0 of the demo, TightVNC supports automatic measurement, which changes the size of the viewer window to the desktop size of remote users, regardless of the accuracy of the host computer.