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Connect to your Computer Remotely Using Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is a powerful, easy-to-use and free remote PC access software that can display other computer screens (via the Internet or network) on its own screen. This program allows you to use the mouse and keyboard to control another PC remotely. This means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it, directly from your current location. The VNC, Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (RFB) allows desktops to be viewed and controlled remotely over the Internet. VNC servers must run on computers that share desktops, VNC clients must run on computers that will access the desktop together.

Ultra VNC It's a great relief and profitable to work on your computer but far from that. Yes, this is possible with a network solution that takes your instructions to a remote computer, executes it for you and returns the results to your screen. UltraVNC is a solution that combines all the protocols, sets of instructions, necessary mechanisms to facilitate your objectives. UltraVNC is a tool to display screens of other computers through a network connection. The mouse and keyboard can be controlled, as if you were working directly on a remote computer. 

Easy, fast and free, UltraVNC is a powerful program of assistance and remote access. UltraVNC can be configured to use secure encryption, protect it from illegal eavesdropping. The screen and keyboard / mouse input can not only be shared, but you can also transfer files directly using UltraVNC. Another interesting feature is UltraVNC Chat, which is a quick and easy way to send messages to and from viewers and servers. The functions provided by UltraVNC will respond to the needs of IT departments, support services, technical support, teachers, demonstrators and people.


  • I do not need the internet, always. This is a remote PC access solution that is easy to install and use. This shows the screen of another computer through the Internet or other wired networks.
  • This allows you to use the keyboard, the mouse and interact with your system exactly as you would if you were in front of it.
  • Use VNC or Virtual Network Controller with the Frame Buffer protocol that is enabled to show remote desktops.

You can always clone your console by running Ultra VNC as a service or simply by cloning your current session by starting it as an application.

Client Server

Ultra VNC uses a server-client architecture that allows you to use remote computers almost in real time.
  • It consists of a server package that must be installed on a remote computer.
  • In the same way, you can install a client package or several client packages on all the computers that will be used to connect remotely to the server.

Once both are installed, the connection is made through the Internet or LAN, if it is available locally.

Set up

It is important to configure your router to allow connections between computers on the LAN without requiring an external DNS lookup. In the same way, you must allow client servers and computers to identify each other using the IP address they specified above.
  • NAT in the router must be configured correctly to allow the correct connection. Separate "repeaters" may be needed.
  • There may be other improvements, such as enabling a secure SSH login using the add-on. Using the encryption plugin You can enable stronger security by using a longer or default key.

In general, Ultra VNC is compatible with all versions of Windows from NT, XP. It is also compatible with Java and, therefore, with systems running Mac OS, Linux can be connected through a browser that supports the Java plug-in. UltraVNC also allows the transfer of files between computers through a network or using a browser.

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