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Safe Remote Control

UltraViewer is produced to support customers, partners from a distance. So your clients can observe everything you do on their computer screens and take control whenever they want. Sharing files You can send files to your partner and receive files very easily through the chat window. All in your partner's safe area.

Chat Window

You can chat with your partner while controlling comfort. You can activate / deactivate messages when controlling by pressing the default F1 shortcut key or whatever shortcut you want. Multi-computer You can control multiple computers simultaneously or share your screen with multiple computers to watch.

Now You Don't Need to Go

In the past, when remote control support software was not designed, an expert from a software company usually needed to come to the customer's place directly to support them. This is very troublesome and produces a lot of time for customers and supporters. Today, UltraViewer can help you support your clients remotely immediately, making your work easier, faster and more convenient.

Thank you for choosing UltraViewer for your remote server access requirements. That UltraViewer is the result of our commitment to providing the best, most versatile products for the business community. Now you can have access to all your servers locally or via IP. The multi-platform model allows you to connect various types of computers directly to the unit. If your system requires access to more than 16 computers, UltraViewer can easily be expanded to access up to 256 computers using our UltraView as a expansion unit.

Remote users have the ability to connect to any computer via IP. This allows you to use, control, and monitor remote computers directly from the unit, from your network workstation, or from anywhere in the world using the internet and web browser.

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System Overview

UltraViewer is a versatile and powerful product that can expand the reach of your computer from anywhere in the world. It is designed to provide seamless and trouble-free access from any workstation on your computer network or remote users to a connected computer. You can connect to and control all connected computers with a simple keyboard command or a list of computers on the screen. Each computer can be assigned a unique name that makes sense for your system. Names such as sales, production, and administration make it easy to identify and connect to.

Access control for users can be set to limit access to configurations and units. The installation and configuration section explains all UltraView features and functions and how to adjust to meet your business needs. UltraViewer is designed with priority on security. Remote access requires a user ID and password. All transmissions, to and from remote work stations and UltraViewer use a versatile and highly secure RealVNC viewer and are encrypted with the latest encryption technology. Login, deadline, User ID and password add to system security.