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UltraVNC Server and Viewer is free software that is powerful, easy to use, and can display a computer (server) screen on another screen (viewer). This program allows visitors to use their mouse and keyboard to remotely control the Computer Server.

UltraVNC is a VNC application specifically designed for Windows PCs, with some features not found in other VNC products. UltraVNC is a free software that allows you to view and control other computer screens via the Internet or network on your screen. Thus, users can use mouse and keyboard to control other PCs remotely. This means you can even work on a remote computer if you are sitting in front of the original, wherever you are!

If you work with technical support, you can easily access your customers' computers from anywhere on the planet. By doing this, your customers do not need to install any software or perform complex techniques to get remote support. This program allows you to remotely control a computer via a TCP / IP connection.

Installation and Use

UltraVNC works in two ways: Server (server) and Viewer (viewer). The server is a remote computer, which is accessible. The viewer is someone who can access and control a remote computer (server). When installing the program, select the "Full installation" option to install two modes on your computer, do the same for the remote computer.

Download UltraVNC Support Windows 86/64 bit :

Windows 64/bit
Directory Server
Windows 86/bit

Local Access

For local access, place the mouse on the UltraVNC Server icon, located in the notification area, and note the IP address. Send these numbers (example: with the password to the person who will access your computer. Ready! Computers can now be accessed through a local network.

Access to the Internet

Remote internet access requires additional settings and depends on the type of connection the server user has. For direct internet connections, such as ADSL in bridge mode (ADSL modem directly connected to a computer), users only need to release their port 5900 and 5800 firewalls and check their public IPs on this site. For shared connections, especially users of routers to send network data, it is necessary to open the ports of the 5900 and 5800 routers. To do so, use the Simple Port Forwarding program and follow the tutorial this.

VNC Viewer

To access a remote computer, you need to know the IP of the machine with a VNC Server and access password. Then start the UltraVNC Viewer and choose the best option for your connection. Better connection, better image quality. Click "Connect" and enter the password of the access. Aside from the UltraVNC Viewer, users can also access computers remotely via a browser. For these, you need to install Java on the machine. So just enter the VNC server IP address in the address bar followed by the colon and the access port number. Example: "123.456.7.89-5900".


UltraVNC is one of the most comprehensive remote access programs on the market as it allows you to do many tasks and for different purposes. It has file transfers and text chat capabilities, perfect for technical support from companies or friends.