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VNC Abbreviation for Virtual Network Computing.

UVNC Based on a simple and powerful protocol, a VNC connection allows you to view and control one computer from another using the Internet or private network. UltraVNC allows anyone to create a VNC connection between two or more PCs running on the software. Freeware, really: UltraVNC is free but powerful enough to provide customer support and remote management. It's very easy to use, like the VNC package, but it's not really for beginners. For example, you should install the client (Viewer) on one system and Server to another, and both PCs should allow remote access. Online documentation includes screenshots but is rather thin in some areas and assumes some users' knowledge. But anyone who configured their network settings should set up a VNC connection using UltraVNC. We run a 64-bit version of UltraVNC on a Windows 7 PC.

Like other VNC Applications

UltraVNC has two main components, Viewer and Server, and install the same download. Settings include creating a password and enabling UltraVNC through your firewall when you first run the server. The viewer also allows many options, such as the level of access and control you want to allow, display settings, and other options such as disabling clipboard transfers. But we recommend that you continue to use the Best Auto Adjustment option, default, where available. You also need to configure each of the machines you will use, but it is possible to test your connection from your main PC by allowing loopback connections. If you set everything correctly, you'll see an endless display of "mirror-in-mirror" from your screen. That's the hard part, in fact, and once you've set the UltraVNC correctly, it's easy to create a remote connection - it's as easy as Windows home network features, and stronger.

Who needs UltraVNC?

Anyone who may need to access their office PC or home remotely, for starters. Software developers can use it to issue updates; A clean admin can track and manage a user's PC remotely (think about it when you have to fix something simple on your mother's PC). Or control your home network.

Download UltraVNC Latest Version :

UltraVNC Download
Windows 6/7/10 32/bit
UltraVNC Download
Windows 6/7/10 64/bit


UltraVNC (64 bit) is a free application or software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet protocol or network) on your own desktop screen. This program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to access other desktops remotely. This means you can work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it, directly from your current location. If you provide computer support, you can quickly access your customer's computer from anywhere in the world and solve desk help problems remotely.

UltraVnc (Virtual Network Computing) connects you with a keyboard and mouse to connect to other computers remotely through a local network or the internet. This means you can work on a remote computer target, which you are sitting in front of a computer that is directly controlled from where you are. Server and viewer applications provide complete and very detailed configuration options. Many settings can be made, as if the server can allow or can be used to control client computers as they please.

There are multiple views on one screen so you can provide solutions at once. You can specify the maximum number of screens. However, keep in mind that more screens will weaken the computer. So, adjust your server computer's capabilities to display multiple screens simultaneously.

UltraVNC Features:
  1. Transfer files, video drivers, MS Logon, text chat, Toolbar Viewer, Java Viewer with File Transfer, multiple monitor monitors, automatic reconnection, and more.
  2. UltraVNC may be a solution that makes it easier for you to troubleshoot client computer problems without having to use the client computer. This application is suitable for admins who should use a large number of computers, such as office, school or computer