VNC Connect Versi 6.4.1

VNC Connect 6.4.1

VNC Connect is the most flexible and secure remote access software in the industry. Simple and secure remote access software for various applications, platforms and industries. Select an annual VNC Connect subscription that meets your business needs. Reduce costs: Reduce the rate of repetition of support calls, time to answer calls, and onsite travel costs.

Save Time

Reduce the need for specialized training and documentation for remote support, customer benefits and customer satisfaction. Improve quality: Delivering attractive and real-time services that improve employee satisfaction and customer-benefit-risk management

Risk Reduction

Predict and prevent system failures and risks associated with on-site service-benefit-system-uptime.png. Increase uptime: Avoid problems by detecting faster problems and solving the advantages of adapting to customer regulations.


New: In the Red Hat Linux distribution, the VNC Server in Virtual Mode can now use the Xorg server version running in the system, rather than an old version integrated with Xvnc. Gnome 3 and desktop environments such as modern applications and extensions are likely to be out of the box. See how to set this up. Download VNC Connection now consists of VNC Server and support programs only for computers that are licensed for your control. 

VNC Viewer is no longer packaged. You can download VNC Viewer to as many computers and devices as you want to control. Change of installation. VNC Viewer for MacOS is now a disk image (DMG) that you can install by dragging it to the Applications folder. In VNC Viewer, you can drag and drop the computer to a label on the sidebar to assign it to the computer. Right-click the address book to create a new label. 

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Free Driver

You can set the VNC Query Offer View Only Server parameter to FALSE to see only the option from which the prompt appears when the VNC Viewer user tries to connect (leaving only the reject and accept option).

How to connect to VNC using SSH

There are times when you need to be away from the Linux desktop. When this need arises, the most obvious connection option is VNC. But what happens when your corporate network (or home) does not allow the default VNC port (5901) to remain open? How do you get in? Fortunately, you have a Secure Shell (SSH) that you can rely on. 

With this practical network tool, you can perform VNC tunneling via the SSNC so that you can not only print through the VNC port, but also send all data through a encrypted tunnel. This is actually quite simple to do. You will want SSH to create a local tunnel that only transfers the local host on port 5901 to the remote machine port 5901 only through the default SSH port (22). This, of course, means that you must have access to a remote machine via port 22. If you do not have access to a remote machine, it does not work through SSH. By VNC Connect