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What is VNC 

The VNC Download is a well known tool for displaying and controlling remote desktop. Both devices make TCP connections so that one of them can access the other screen. However, these devices are always behind a firewall / router and do not have a real IP address to access from the Internet. In such cases, one can do redirect the ports on the router / firewall and this will allow the connection.

The problem is that most of the time, no part wants to be shaped like a remote connection can access the firewall that protects it from the original Internet. Sometimes, there may be several levels behind the firewall (multiple firewall layers). However, if you have access to an external server (for example a server on a cloud server), there are still solutions and things can be fixed to work. I will explain here tricks and hacking that can be used in such cases to create a secure connection to remote desktop using VNC Download.

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Suppose we have a computer that wants to connect to a desktop computer. Both are behind the NAT router / firewall and the settings cannot be changed. But both can access third C computers located somewhere in the cloud and have real hardware. C can be used as a traffic guide, so that both devices A and B can make peer-to-peer connections between them. 

This is done by using an unusual tunnel feature and redirecting the SSHprotocol port. In addition, this connection will be encrypted and secured, which is the main feature of the SSH protocol. I will explain in other parts what must be done on each computer in sequence to arrange such connections.

VNC Server
Free Driver
SHA. 256

Landscape settings:

Imagine a computer lab has five computers and computers connected to the network. The teacher wants to teach a lesson about Microsoft Word and wants to explain to students how to start Microsoft Word and format the text. However, the teacher does not have an LCD monitor.

UltraVNC to save!

Luckily, the teacher read this practical tutorial and installed UltraVNC on a computer. He called one computer a teacher of computers and computers as one to four students. The teacher's computer is set up as a VNC server and computer students are organized as VNC viewers.

The principle of VNC remote control
To connect and control a computer from another computer:
  • An application called VNC Server must be run on the host computer, which is on your computer
  • Want control. To learn how to obtain, license, and start a VNC server, see Setting up a host computer on page 11. NOTE: You might be able to control a computer that is running an alternative from a VNC server.
  • An application called VNC Viewer must run on the client computer, that is, your computer sits in front, and you want to control it. To learn how to get and start VNC Viewer, see Setting Up Client Computers on page 12. NOTE: You might be able to control using an alternative for VNC Viewer. For more information, see Connecting from Alternative to VNC Viewer on page 15.
  • The host computer and client must be connected to the same TCP / IP network. This can be a private network such as LAN, VPN, or public networks such as the Internet. Note that firewalls and routers usually need to be configured before you can establish an Internet connection. See Connecting to the Internet on page 28 for more information.
I will explain here tricks and hacking that can be used in such cases to create a secure connection to remote desktop using VNC Download.