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What is VNCmac

VNCmac is a high-performance, platform-neutral application for client / server virtualization (VNC) that allows users to run and interact with graphical applications on remote machines. VNCmac provides the level of performance needed to run 3D applications and videos, and seeks to maintain the same look and feel and reuse components, if possible, on various platforms that support them. 


VNCmac is basically based on VNC 4 branch (never released) VNCmac. More information about motivation to make this project can be found in the project announcement. VNCmac also provides extensions for advanced authentication methods and TLS encryption.


The latest version of VNCmac can be downloaded from our download page. Apart from the source code, we also provide stand-alone binaries for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux systems, 64-bit and 32-bit installers, and universal Intel-based Macs. We also try to provide packages for different distributions when we can easily. The next generation trial code can be found here. VNCmac is also equipped with many distributions such as Fedora, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, Arch Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Download VNCmac :

VNCMacos Server
Free Driver
VNCMacos Viewer
Free Driver


Practical pages for various programs are available here in HTML:
These documents are intended for Unix programs, but most are also suitable for equivalent Windows programs.

Benefits of VNCmac

The ability to access your Mac at home when it has its own special advantages. We have reviewed Remotix for iOS produced by Nulana. With Remotix for iOS, I can control Mac on the network using an iPad or iPhone. If you are familiar with VNC, you can even control your Mac without having to connect to a network.

Now they bring Remotix from iOS to Mac. One of the mandatory functions is iCloud synchronization. Every server and computer stored in settings on iPhone and iPad with Remotix will be accessed with the same iCloud account. This feature definitely provides the time needed to manage the current connection.

Automatic setting and quality of caching

Frankly, I have no experience using VNC. So it's quite difficult to show the things that need to be considered when choosing VNC. But one thing is certain, Remotix for Mac works well for connections between Macs. Every computer connected to the network will appear in a neatly arranged list. You can show and hide the sidebar by selecting the Togloogle Sidebar button on the right. 

You can also move the blade down by pulling the handle on the far left. As discussed in Remotix for iOS, many settings for devices like Windows and Mac are detected automatically. This feature simplifies the setup process, so all you have to do is enter your username and password.

Remotix interface for Mac

Remotix does not give the impression of OS X. It seems to be a circular application in Windows OS X, but inside it uses different components. I can feel that the slider is not missing and that the keys do not match OS X. For me, applications that make special interfaces must have strong reasons. So far, every application that I use has a truly original interface. Even with adjustments, not much has changed. Especially on the button. Supported VNCmac