What is ConnectWise Control?

ConnectWise Control is an efficient and fast remote support, access and meeting system designed for a modern technical assistance team. This solution allows technicians to be more productive using remote support and access to repair computers, provide updates, and manage machines. They can organize online seminars and prepare presentations for remote meetings. All in all, ConnectWise Control is fast, reliable, not difficult, but has the same features as a more complex remote control solution.

Why choose ConnectWise Control? 

As a member of a well-known productivity software family, this system will provide fast and best customer service and unobstructed communication between agents and technicians. The customizable nature of the vehicle allows you to highlight your brand and change everything from the logo and icons on your website to integrated languages. The ConnectWise Control function connects with ConnectWise Automate and offers flexible prices based on user's capabilities.

Additionally, ConnectWise Control is designed for teams not for individuals. Various co-operative assets make it easy for brokers to help each other and exchange ideas, files, and even assignments. All of them will have unimpeded access to the same customer database and you will understand the previous situations to produce easier solutions. As with all ConnectWise features and functions, data access is enabled through all devices and operating systems, and is stored and managed in the cloud to prevent all barriers and misuse. If you are the only technician, you can also send a license request and receive it for free.

Recently, the company has established a new version and rebooting system that satisfies users with better service controls and methods of solving ready-to-use problems. Users can launch efficient support sessions in one click and invite guests and internal and external collaborators to monitor the process. The new version aims to expand the potential support search base, because Linux and Mac features are also improved. For example, you can quickly change sessions with Wake Lock and Fullscreen, along with new customization options for Agent Mac. Keep in mind that the new release will also allow drag and drop data from Windows and Mac and Linux Machines to be transferred to Mac and Linux guests.

Security has also been improved in a variety of ways - the intuitive user interface has been updated for more detailed permission assignments, and customers can assign clone roles and use multiple authentication sources instead of one. To learn more about the new features and functionality, visit the vendor's official website and try their free trials.

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Overview of Benefits of ConnectWise Control

Remote support software is a competitive area where it is necessary to provide the right balance between ease of use and capacity, and to meet business needs from different scales and industries. Developed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized teams, ConnectWise Control combines the right features to maximize their productivity:

Fast and efficient customer service

With ConnectWise Control, you can forget about the delay and inefficient delivery of services. All your clients will be served on time and broadly and their problems will be solved long before the deadline. This is because the agent has all the data in a single system and can work and work together on the same task at the same time.

Cargo, brand and identity oriented

ConnectWise Control takes care of your reputation and thus gives you enough adjustment to put your brand in the center of attention. You can change and adjust logos, icons, and even the language you serve, and provide flexible solutions to customers when connected to their machines.

Unlimited connection

The location of your customers is not a problem - you can serve customers anywhere in the world and handle their problems using only a stable internet connection. This system is also powered by automatic reconnection; this means that services can be provided even when network conditions are not properly profitable. Better yet, you can connect to any customer device, whether it's a smartphone or an office computer.


ConnectWise Control makes it easy for your representative to exchange files, comment and share ideas, and work together on the same task. Toolboxes are hosted by the cloud and are remote and can be used wherever they are, just like a central client database. This system is available from various devices and operating systems including Android and iOS. Last but not least, ConnectWise Control is also offered as a free license for single technicians.

Advanced security

ConnectWise now comes with an updated interface that supports more detailed permission assignments and makes it easy for new users to be installed and strengthened. The reapplied version is based on self-regulated controls and authentication, which allows users to create clone roles and use multiple authentication resources. Two-factor authentication remains part of this package; this means that ConnectWise will keep all your trusted devices and allow you to enter quickly and safely.

Search and Filter Session Types and Groups

The ConnectWise control makes it easy to stay at the top of your tasks and does whatever the tool is running in certain situations. As explained in technical terms, this means that you can group customers, sessions and machines with the latest connected event time, last downtime, and other special filters; and as soon as you start searching for a specific type of session, have the system advise you.

Remote Meeting

Another advantage of ConnectWise Control is remote meetings because this system makes it very easy to invite and engage meetings and webinars and benefit from new ideas and meetings. All participants will be able to see the screen together, make screenshots, record videos, make comments and chat with each other. The best part of this process is that they invite as many participants as they want with a single click.

What problems does ConnectWise Control solve ?

1. Remote Support
ConnectWise Control specializes in remote support and helps you deliver efficient services on time. You can have several agents running on a task and you can give them access to customer data at no time at all. It also has the ability to group sessions based on connection time, customers, devices, and other special filters; and ask them to propose a group for them when they start searching.

2. Remote Access
The link is the strongest aspect of ConnectWise Control - you can always access and support customer devices regardless of whether customers are on the street or in the world. In this way, only a strong Internet connection is required to fulfill customer requests (even if it is the Auto-Reconnect feature that keeps you responsible even without the best network conditions).

3. Remote Meetings
ConnectWise Control is also a remote meeting software with many years of experience and simplifies the process of incorporating many into meetings, webinars and other opportunities for exchanging ideas. All participants can view the screen with information, take screenshots and record videos and invite an unlimited number of participants and participants.

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