Mikogo Remote Desktop Connection From Android

Sharing Desktop with 10 People with Mikogo Remote Desktop

Mikogo is an online tool for sharing desktops with 10 people via a web browser. The image on the screen will be seen by all participants who join. Mikogo not only allows you to show pictures on screen to everyone, but also controls the computer remotely, sends files, and replaces presenters. Another interesting feature is the possibility to hide running applications that you do not want to display and code via the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Download Mikogo Remote Desktop For Android

Looking for an easy way to share for online meetings and remote support? Mikogo is a free full-featured remote desktop application to help you do perfect web conferencing or remote support sessions. Share screen content or applications in good color quality around the world with up to 25 participants simultaneously, while you are still sitting in your office chair. Mikogo can be used to share desktops, including web conferencing, online meetings, sales demos, web presentations, remote support, group collaboration, and more.

Provide online technical support through remote controls. To conduct product demos and sales to customers. Use Mikogo to be able to edit and discuss the current team project. Or on a personal level, share photos of recent holidays with friends. Mikogo is a cross-platform software so you can start or join meetings using a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. No registration is required to start or join a session. Simply download and run the software and you are ready to share your first desktop with Mikogo.

Furthermore, Mikogo now includes an award-winning HTML viewer that allows participants to join a web browser on any computer or mobile device. When joining HTML Session sessions, no downloads are needed and also do not require ActiveX, Java, and Flash. 100% web browser based.

Download Mikogo for Android :
Mikogo Support Android
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Features :

  • Share desktops with several participants
  • Switch presenter
  • Control the keyboard / mouse
  • Scheduling
  • Record and reverse
  • Multi user whiteboard
  • Chat
  • File transfer
  • Select application
  • Multi monitor support
  • Copy / paste / email meeting information
  • Pause
  • Cross-Platform
  • IOS / Android application
  • 256-AES end-to-end encryption

This software is entirely browser based and no installation is required. It has a cross-platform that is great for Support, Meeting, Conference and more for other purposes.

Mikogo has the Following Awesome Features :

  • Browser based plugin
  • Documents can be shared (shared)
  • Files can be transferred
  • The supported platforms are PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPads and Android mobile devices.

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