Aero Admin 2.5

AeroAdmin 2.5 Connect and Manage PC Remotely

Aeroadmin is a free remote computer connection and management software that does not require complicated installation or configuration. This will be ready for use as soon as you download and easily connect your computer to a different local network, behind NAT and firewall.

Some of the Main Features :

No Installation and Configuration Required

  • Aeroadmin is an application for administrators and clients. To enable remote computer connection, you only need to download executable files with a capacity of only about 1MB and run them on local and remote computers. You will be able to control the remote computer after only a few seconds.

Connect a computer on a Different LAN, Behind NAT

  • Whether your computer is connected to the Internet or stored on one or more different LANs, Aeroadmin will automatically detect your network configuration and provide a stable connection behind NAT.

File Manager

  • This software allows you to control the file system on a remote computer. Copy files and folders to / from a remote computer with the ability to restore the download / upload process if the remote connection is lost.

Outstanding Performance

  • Aeroadmin combines temporary data processing and transmission algorithms that will significantly improve image quality and frames per second (FPS) to help users feel more comfortable working with remote computers. . With a fast and stable internet connection, Aeroadmin makes it easy to watch videos on a remote computer.

Automatically Optimizes the Quality and Speed of Photos

  • Aeroadmin will automatically detect the actual bandwidth of your Internet connection and adjust the balance between speed and quality to provide the best performance. This will ensure a fast response even on low bandwidth cellular connections.

Give several Sessions in Parallel

  • Aeroadmin will set many connections to and at the same time. You can monitor or view the screens of many computers remotely immediately and connect multiple admins to your computer.

Data Encryption

  • All data sent between the admin and client during the remote session will be encrypted using the AES and RSA algorithms. This algorithm is widely used not only in encryption and data security, but also in databases that identify data by government and banks.

AeroAdmin - EASY Desktop Software

  • AeroAdmin does not require installation, registration and configuration. It is small (~ 2 Mb) and can be started in less than a minute. This is perfect when you need to connect to a remote computer as soon as possible for full remote control sessions or simple file transfers.
Aero Admin Download this link :
AeroAdmin v2.5
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Key Features :

  • Works without registration, installation and configuration
  • Connect a computer to the back of NAT
  • + Configuring brand access rights
  • Small, portable
  • Default ticket delivery system for help desk
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Unattended access
  • Shut down and restart remote users (included in safe mode)
  • AES + RSA total encryption
  • 3-factor authentication
  • Unlimited session

How does it Work?

AeroAdmin shows the ID number when the application is restarted every time. This number is what must be shared so that others can connect to the computer. This number is constant and depends on computer hardware because it does not change from time to time. You can also use your IP address, not your identity. To establish a connection, the administrator computer must enter the customer ID. When the administrator attempts to establish a connection for the first time, the remote client must enable access rights such as screen display, keyboard and mouse controls, file transfers, and clipboard synchronization. Customers may give or cancel these rights. 

The session will begin as soon as the customer accepts the connection. AeroAdmin offers a very flexible 3-factor authentication system. In addition to receiving inbound connections manually, remote administration can be verified with a hardware ID or password, or in combined mode providing additional security.

Ticket Delivery System

AeroAdmin provides default options for sending immediate help requests to the admin email. The message is sent in the form of a ticket containing all the data required for instant connection. In fact, remote clients can send help requests to the administrator in a few clicks.

Usage and Advantages

  1. Perfect for spontaneous and regular technical support
  2. Can be used for remote monitoring and control from parental guidance
  3. Perfect for remote offices

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