AeroAdmin is a free solution to connect to a remote computer while providing access to remote files and folders. The program itself is a client and server, so you do not need to install two separate components.

Aeroadmin Pro 4.1 Download

AeroAdmin Pro 4.1 Review

AeroAdmin is a free solution to connect to a remote computer while providing access to remote files and folders. The program itself is a client and server, so you do not need to install two separate components. With AeroAdmin Pro 4.1, you don't need to install the program permanently. The user interface is very easy and easy to use, so it does not need to make it easier for advanced users to use. Unlike other more sophisticated programs, AeroAdmin Pro 4.1 does not require all the settings and connecting to a remote computer requires only user acceptance in front of the remote system - perfect for helping family and friends in simple technical issues. 

Users who are connected to the system can only provide display mode or remote control. Finally, AeroAdmin Pro 4.1 is an easy-to-use and simple remote management tool that is perfect for using once or several times to help someone with PC problems.

Features and Highlights

  • No installation and configuration
  • An application for manager and customer
  • Connect a computer on a different LAN to the back of NAT
  • Control remote computer file systems
  • Copy files and folders from a remote computer (s) with the ability to continue downloading / uploading.

Compliance and License

AeroAdmin is licensed for free for Windows operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit) from unlimited desktop software. AeroAdmin Pro 4.1 can be downloaded free of charge by all software users (Freeware).

About Aeroadmin

Aeroadmin is a remote support platform in place. This allows users to provide remote support for IT tasks. The main features of Aeroadmin include connecting computers to different LANs behind NAT, unattended access to PCs and remote servers, AES and RSA encryption, file transfer, contact books, marking and adjustments, session reports, dashboard synchronization, system switch transmission, scaling automatic, automatic scrolling, remote window locking, remote restart, multi-monitor support, screenshots during sessions, automatic updates and multilingual interface. 

The contact book feature allows users to save IDs or IPs of their remote computers, and additional information for instant remote access. Aeroadmin is supported with Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. This platform is available free for personal use and is also free for professional, business and corporate packages.

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Free Driver

AeroAdmin: Cross Platform Remote Control Program

You do not need to search for expensive or large software packages to remotely control computers. AeroAdmin, a small cross-platform program, is available for free. Using AeroAdmin You can control and manage various computers remotely regardless of the operating system. For remote connections to the computer, it does not require any other authentication data than the unique ID generated for each computer. You can also use the computer's IP address to connect. AeroAdmin is available in three popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. 

This software comes in a portable format, at least for Windows operating systems. You can download and start the AeroAdmin.exe file in Windows. Once AeroAdmin is used as both a server and a client, your firewall can display the permission pop-up window. Other people can connect to your PC remotely via your IP address, as shown in the AeroAdmin window. They can also use a unique six-digit ID displayed on the AeroAdmin window to connect to your computer. Similarly, you can also connect to other computers using an IP address or another computer ID. 

When AeroAdmin attempts to establish a connection, the target computer user receives a request to reject or accept the connection. You can connect other computers remotely in three different modes - Remote Control, View Only and File Manager. In Remote Control mode, you are fully allowed to control and manage remote computers. In View Only mode, you cannot make any changes to another computer. In File Manager mode, you can transfer files as locally as possible by the FTP client with a remote computer.

Conclusion: AeroAdmin is a small and portable remote control and management software. It also works in three popular operating systems - Windows, Linux and Mac.

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