AirDroid - An application where you can use it to connect between your PC and your Android. By using AirDroid you no longer need to transfer data using a cable, you can use a PC monitor to reply to SMS. Don't forget you have to install the Android version of Airdroid too. This application offers perfect remote access from your device on a PC screen. Through it, you can operate as usual with your Android. Yes, you can do almost anything with your Android today. 

However, sometimes we hope the screen is bigger so you can operate Android more satisfactorily. Fortunately, you don't need to just imagine it now. After all, there is this application for you to try. Remote access is the purpose of this application. Let's see how this remote access is here. Who knows that is the right access you want from him? We can promise that it is an application that is worth considering.

Remote Access on Windows, Mac, or the Web

Without a doubt, this application is able to bring your Android to your wider PC screen. Whether it's Windows, Mac, or the Web, you can access and manage Android remotely. What is more satisfying than operating Android on a wider screen? Sometimes, this can be very helpful rather than shifting your views between your PC and Android. Not to mention, free. So, you don't need to worry here. It is best to take advantage of the things you can get from the application.

Application Notification on the Computer Screen

What can be seen from the screen of your PC is not just the display. This actually works like the Android screen. So, AirDroid will bring app notifications even on your PC. Phone calls and text messages can be done here too. Now you see that this application allows complete access to your Android on a PC screen. If you need it, it is the right application to use. That makes a good way to change too. We can guarantee you will not be wrong with this application here.

The main features of AirDroid are:

  • Photos: Transfer photos between Android and computer.
  • Application: Import and export .apk files
  • Camera: Look through the front and rear camera lenses.
  • Music & Video: Play and manage music & videos on Android and transfer files between Android and computer.
  • Ringtones: Install music as ringtones and export ringtones.
  • File: transfer files between Android and computers from any network.
  • Notification Mirror: reflects cellphone notifications from applications that are allowed to the computer.
  • AirMirror (beta): Full control for Android, and use any application, such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. (requires root, only on AirDroid Windows & Mac)
  • Contacts: Display and edit all contacts.
  • Screenshot: Show real-time screens from an Android device, capture static image snippets. (requires root)
  • URL: Push the url to Android and open it with the default web browser.

AirDroid, Application for Accessing Android Devices Remotely

AirDroid is an application that is exclusive to Android, which is useful for connecting mobile devices with computers via wireless networks. The way it works is quite similar to when you connect a device with a computer via a USB cable, and AirDroid has several useful features, for example to move files easily or send SMS.

Android has a variety of security systems both from within the smartphone itself and with the help of applications. Many outstanding anti-theft applications that offer users to find the location of a lost cellphone to delete important phone data that is lost remotely to secure your personal data in it. This is an important thing you have to do before your Android cellphone is lost, so that later your highly confidential personal data does not fall into the hands of irresponsible people.

Of the many existing applications, I recommend the AirDroid Application, which offers not only protection from losing cellphones but also various functions of accessing Android phones remotely. Learn more about how to access android files with the following computers:

Download and Install AirDroid :
Download Latest Version
Free Driver

  • Install AirDroid
  • Next, you will be asked to sign in to an AirDroid account to use the services offered. If you don't have one, just register by selecting register
  • After you successfully sign in, you will be asked for approval to activate the device administrators function. Select yes and continue by selecting Activate. By activating the device administrator, you can delete data remotely if your cellphone is lost and cannot be found.
  • Once AirDroid is active, you can access your device from your computer by visiting the website
  • Next, sign in with the same ID and password as your AirDroid account.
  • Once you have successfully signed in, you can start accessing your mobile or tablet from the computer screen.
  • Now you can use your cellphone remotely via the internet directly from a computer screen. AirDroid provides various functions like cellphones such as SMS services, making calls to see files stored on your cellphone.
  • You can also find out the location of your cellphone by selecting the radar icon. Before finding out the location of your Android device, users will be asked to re-enter their AirDroid account password first. Next AirDroid will display the location of the device with the help of GPS on the device.
  • To carry out further operations such as deleting data remotely, please click on the device icon on Google Map.

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