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AnyDesk is a remote desktop software developed and marketed by a German company, AnyDesk Software GmbH. AnyDesk is claimed to be the fastest remote desktop software on the market because it is made with DeskRT (as a core) which is the latest video codec specifically designed for graphical user interface (GUI). Because of its superiority in speed, AnyDesk is very useful for working on joint work, accessing software from other computers, presenting videos or presentations remotely.

To alternative cloud storage by accessing and / or storing work data (documents, photos, videos, audio, presentations and other files) with an office computer from a computer hard drive that is at home, so the data will remain safe even though your office changes computers.

AnyDesk Applies Security like Online Banking

The important thing that should not be overlooked when choosing remote desktop software is its security feature, accessing other PCs is certainly very risky because of the possibility of ports that are open and prone to "attacks" by other parties, but AnyDesk users need not worry about this because AnyDesk offers encryption based TLS1.2, a protocol that is also used by online banking so that concerns about security risks can be avoided. 

The use of TLS1.2-based encryption certainly shows how AnyDesk is very serious in ensuring the safety of its users, the connection between the two PCs is verified with AnyDesk-ID, for extra security (usually needed by companies), AnyDesk also offers AnyDesk-Enterprise-Network which will guarantee the security communication between devices in the corporate network, all data sent and received will be encrypted so that no data will "leak" out of the corporate network.

There will be no more 'lag' when Accessing the Remote PC in Turbo Mode

The turbo mode on AnyDesk will always be active (by default). By using DeskRT to provide a much better quality and image response including in terms of speed and memory consumption. DeskRT is the latest and innovative video codec specifically designed for image transmission from graphical user interface (GUI). AnyDesk connections are channeled to Erlang based servers. Erlang itself is a technology (more precisely a programming language) that is used to build large real-time systems. 

Some of the uses are in telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, computer telephones and instant messages. No wonder AnyDesk has the maximum ability with minimal memory consumption.

Download the Latest AnyDesk

AnyDesk developers seem to understand very well that users really hate software that "swells" both in terms of file size and in terms of PC resource usage, which is why AnyDesk is made very small (only about 1 mb) and even a portable version is available so it doesn't need to be install on local systems that might overload the system and do not require special access rights (for example as an admin) so it is very light to use on systems with various specifications.

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