Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control Software Feature

Anyplace Control Remote Desktop Monitoring displays remote desktops in a separate 'Remote Screen' window. This is the main interface that interacts with remote computers and lets you control your PC directly with your keyboard and mouse. You can open multiple windows at the same time - allows you to monitor multiple computers at the same time. This software window can then be resized and shrunk as traditional Windows.

Remote Desktop Operating Mode

There are two operating modes that can be used to work with a remote PC and can be changed between both :
  • Screen Mode - allows you to monitor PCs and see everything users do in real time.
  • Control Mode - Allows you to control your PC with your keyboard and mouse.

Remote Desktop Display Mode

There are two ways to show the remote desktop on your screen:
  • Full screen - allows you to view remote desktops at the same size as traditional screens.
  • Windows - Allows you to view the remote desktop in a window and can be resized and reduced as needed.

Scale to Fit 'and' Auto Scroll 'features

  • If the physical screen size of the computer is much larger than your size, you can use the 'Scale to Fit' option to see the reduced version on your screen, or use the slider to see the actual size.
  • Using the 'auto-scroll' feature with the latest options lets you move around on a full-size desktop without manually running the scroll bar - the image is automatically moved when your mouse reaches the window boundary.

Supports Various Resolutions and Color Depth

  • Anyplace Control supports all screen resolutions with color depths ranging from 4 to 32 bits, and applies the color depth that offers the highest refresh rate on the LAN by default. When using remote access on low-bandwidth networks, you can manually change it to increase the speed of your process.
Download Anyplace Control Latest Version :
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Toolbar for 'Remote Screen' Window

  • Remote Screen' window, changing color depth, sending special keystrokes, transferring clipboard content between local and remote computers, etc. Includes a toolbar that gives you direct access to the most commonly used processes for remote control.

Full Control of Other Remote Computers From Your own Computer

Anyplace Control lets you remotely control another computer from your own computer. With this application you can see and manage what is happening to others from your own screen. This program works with internet connection and network connection. It also allows you to manage several remote computers simultaneously, but not in the trial version. In order to make this connection, you must download the 'master admin' computer module; and you want to control the `host module 'on the host computer.

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