Bomgar 10.2.8 Remote Desktop Support


You can download Bomgar's Bomgar version 10.2.8 from our website for free. The most popular versions of the software are 10.6 and 10.2. Our default antivirus scanned this download and evaluated it as virus-free. Real software developer Bomgar. The installers are often called bomgar-rep.exe. Bomgar is categorized as System Tools. Bomgar allows technicians to remotely control computers via the internet or network.

With Bomgar you can support remote desktops, back-end servers, network devices, smartphones and non-network systems from a single screen! Bomgar works on Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and many other Linux distributions. You may want to review more software that may be similar to Bomgar, such as the Bomgar Repository Console, the Bomgar Auto Elevation Service, or the Bomgar Jumpoint.

We are busy with this latest maintenance release and are happy to provide you today. For Bomgar's major version 10.2, many features and improvements are included, with many expected language packs. If you are currently using the 10.1.x version of the main version, be sure to contact our Support team today to discuss the prerequisites you need to make before updating.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Bomgar 10.2 Translation is now available for the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Spanish (Latin American and European)

Administrative Interface
  • Include all site settings that allow administrators to enable / disable the ability of Reps to authorize Automatic Enter Credentials.
  • For all site Dashboards, add settings that allow administrators to enable / disable the ability of Representatives to monitor the ability to monitor other Representatives (Configuration-> Team Support-> Dashboard Settings). Note that this setting affects only representatives defined as Leaders or Support Team Managers.
  • Add settings to disable automatic restart (Administration-> Security)
  • Add a time period to the time stamp displayed in the file store.

Representative Console
  • Bomgar-generated URLs now show protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) to assist delegates when redirecting customers
  • Representatives can now move the customer directly between rows without having to release the pin
  • Previous content in the comments column is maintained when editing direct customer comments
  • Console Representative now displays the number of Direct customers connected to a group and disconnected.
  • Low Bandwidth Color Depth Options when using the Monitor Board
  • Two new Full Screen options have been added to the Console Console settings:

- Enter Full Screen mode when screen sharing is starting
- Automatically collapse the sidebar when entering Full Screen mode

Download Bomgar 10.2.8 :
Directory Server
Free Driver
Customer Customers
  • Virtual Pointer on Mac now uses the same image as shown on Windows and Linux
  • You can now intuitively send BlackBerry client clients to the background by pressing the exit key.

Solved Problem :

Administrative Interface
  • Reporting

Customers Solve problems with file names and download surveys for customers 10.2 Resolve issues related to the loss of survey reporting data from sites prior to 10.2 after upgrading to 10.2. Downloaded Solve the problem when the downloaded presentation does not contain the name of the presenter Report Troubleshooting report does not display file size correctly 1970 In case of withdrawal of the CSV report during the session, the problems related to the session-ending times, which were incorrectly identified in 1970, were resolved.
  • Syslog - Resolve issues when changes to Policy Group Policy members are not sent to Syslog

  • Failure - Solve problems that are not properly synchronized under certain conditions

  • API - Duration "Duration" parameters are not properly met. Solve problems by opening session logs through an API in Internet Internet Explorer
  • Others - Direct Clients who have permission to edit Teams Teams are unable to directly use customers Direct customers are unable to directly resolve issues related to Mass Deployment.  Portal Solve problems with Open Portal, where the correct template is not displayed under certain conditions. Multi Fixed a problem when a multi-byte user could not enter the web interface. Users solves display issues when adding users to group policies in Safari and Chrome. Solve problems with Upgrade Custom Installation Erase Messages when Bomgar default messages can be overwritten after site upgrade. Solve the problem by viewing session logs in Firefox 2.0. 10 After you upgrade from 10.1.x to 10.2, solve screen order issues for unmanaged outgoing surveys

  • Solve some problems with the remote keyboard
  • Solving problems when full-screen chat does not work correctly
  • Solve problems where the Local Remote Mouse Cursor button is not displayed when using Rep Console in Mode Only
  • Troubleshooting when a Representative can send specific characters to a customer's machine when using View Only mode
  • Solving problems when virtual markers are always displayed behind the menu
  • Solve problems when Virtual Markers are not displayed when customers are on Time Machine. Note that the Virtual Pointer may be slightly behind the mouse's Rep indicator.
  • Virtual Pointers Solve problems when they do not move correctly between fields
  • Solve problems with the Bomgar Full Screen menu bar, as opposed to the Apple menu bar. Now the Bomgar menu bar comes from the top left.
  • The Mouse Keyboard / Control indicator is now at the bottom left

  • Solve some problems with the remote keyboard

Cellular Devices
  • Windows Mobile - Solve screen problems with the uninstall installation message box. Solves an issue where the client's client will be installed but not connected to the device under certain conditions

  • Solve some stability issues with BlackBerry OS 4.5
  • Solve problems with startup sessions when using a JavaScript-enabled browser
  • Solve problems with incorrect memory information in the System Information tab
  • promotion
  • Solve problems by participating in presentations planned for more than a day in the future.
  • Solve problems with Presentation Participant Customers that do not restart the screen after disconnecting / reconnecting the connection

  • Solve problems with Connection Agent, which may become unstable in some environments
  • Solve problems that appear directly as a service that is installed after the client service is successfully deleted
  • Solve problems with outgoing polls after a direct customer session
  • Get some sorting problems from the Clients list directly from the Console Administration
  • Resolving System Information issues does not show the current User's Startup Program after Customer's customer is upgraded

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