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Have the Team do Their Best Work

Download Cisco Webex Team - Whether you're traveling, at the table, or in a meeting room, the Webex Team helps you step up projects, build better relationships, and solve business-related issues. All the team needed to keep moving forward is connected with collaboration tools and other tools you use to make life easier.

Extraordinary Meetings were Held for Team Collaboration - The host is everyone.

As everyone in the productive team is involved, everyone can start meetings and whiteboards, share screens, mute and record others. The list of participants shows who has joined - even if you didn't - so you know if someone else is following.

Match and Share.

Forget hardware lock - just connect Webex Team to Webex devices for wireless control and screen sharing. And it's easy to slide to change devices to meet on the go. Everything is harmonious, everything works.

Easy Logistics

Join meetings at the touch of a button. Planning is also easy - people's details, topics and meetings are automatically included for you. Users of SIP and Microsoft Skype for Business devices can easily participate in meetings with people other than the Webex Team.

Instant Feedback.

Group messages make it easy to answer questions and make decisions quickly, so the project continues to progress. Indicates who entered the read receipt. Deleting messages deletes excessive content. Maybe you can meet less now.

Everything was Recorded.

Always active capability means you never miss important messages (or GIF dyes) on any device. Can't join the meeting? All information - messages, files, whiteboards and meeting records are kept in an empty space.

Keep her Quiet.

Customize your notifications so you can receive alerts about messages that are important to you. Mark messages to follow. Use a filter to aim at the room you are talking about. Minimize distractions without skipping important updates.

Share Files with the Entire Team.

Share files and share screens in a fast and simple space. And the files you receive are organized, organized and stored next to all your communications so you can easily find what you're looking for. Especially when you need to share in a meeting.

Show. I do not Know.

Sometimes quick sketches explain ideas better than words. Find whiteboards or pictures on your mobile phone or any device, and chat interactive images. Continue to repeat whether you are in a direct meeting.

Travel to the Office.

Map complex ideas or describe the milestones of the project in your meeting room or living room with original whiteboard fittings. The most important is to complete your work now do not wait in the same place.

Real-time Interaction.

Draw Webex Board, Webex DX 80 or application. Keep track of other Webex field devices. Make a central part of your white boarding meeting to maximize brainstorming.

Visit the Image again at Any Time.

The Webex Board or whiteboard created in the application is easily shared in the Webex Team field for everyone to see. At any time, you can edit the current whiteboard image at any time, because the team collaboration never stops.

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