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ConnectWise Control Remote Support Software

ConnectWise Control is known for its reliable communication and remote support service features. In today's modern workplace, you are no stranger to the term "work from home." This is usually a general term that is heard in the business world for people who work remotely or at home. In such working conditions, equipment and applications for video conferencing or video conferencing are needed to communicate with employees. Previously named ScreenConnect. This application is a combination of meeting service applications and remote support applications. ConnectWise is considered the best and the foremost in this category.

Use ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control, formerly ScreenConnect, is remote support, meeting and meeting solutions that can be used in the cloud or as a self-hosted tool. Use remote assistance and access to fix computers, provide restoration, and manage networks or servers. Use remote meetings to make seminars and presentations online. ConnectWise Control is a comprehensive and affordable solution for companies of all sizes.

Cross Platform Compatibility

  • Functional compatibility with all major browsers allows you to control Samsung devices, hold support sessions on Windows, Mac and Linux, and view iOS screens, Google Chrome OS, or Android devices.

Connect Safely

  • With security at the forefront of ConnectWise Control design, you will make secure end-to-end connections with session management functions and role-based security, two-factor authentication (2FA), SSL, logging, and more.

General Overview of the Benefits of ConnectWise

ConnectWise provides efficient solutions to facilitate IT and ITIL, uses automation options for compliance management, demand management, event management, service reporting, service assets, as well as configuration management, change management, service level management, and information management. A customizable dashboard and reporting feature gives you detailed information about the most critical KPIs. This car is also present as a mobile application to fulfill service requests and access important data while on the go.

You can use intelligent vehicle contract management to process automated service contracts. You can automate billing from your service ticket data and synchronize important payment details from your company's accounting system. You can create work plans and project schedules and receive detailed reports on project progress. It is also possible to use workflow engines to manage deadlines and receive pending task notifications. Workflow automation includes a ticket system that uses performance monitoring and ticket access from mobile devices as well as SLAs. 

The dashboard displays detailed descriptions of the overview and KPI. Business You can also use a special report printer to make reports on any topic you want. You can use ConnectWise to automate various ITIL operations, such as event management, compliance management, change management, service reporting, service level management, asset management and service configuration, demand management, and information management.

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ConnectWise PSA on Android

ConnectWise Manager gives you instant access to your ConnectWise PSA information document on a smartphone. Has an important PSA feature which allows users to :
  • Dispatch field employees and notify
  • Create ticket services on the fly
  • Schedule appointments while on site
  • Enter the time on the device, receive client approval
  • Enter / Change Opportunities
  • Enter costs
  • Access contact information
  • Edit contact information
  • Configure the Access client
  • Search and account access and contact information anywhere
  • Requires a ConnectWise Mobile Add-on license, and that the server version coincides with the mobile application version. Looking ahead, SSL is required from Version 2016.5 for Mobile App to work.

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