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Share Your Desktop With Other Users Remotely

The CrossLoop application allows one to control one computer and see another computer like it is in front of it. People who access remote computers can see the desktop, use the mouse, and keyboard. The CrossLoop application works to help or be assisted by friends and family or is assisted by CrossLoop Application specialist support. With the condition that you and your friends also use a PC that has been installed with CrossLoop. After having the code and being able to access it, you can help your friend's PC to be repaired and exchange data via a connection that was previously encrypted. 

You can ignore the router configuration, and only need to access the CrossLoop rule in a firewall. The remote PC will then be visible on the monitor. And the PC can be given commands on several menus available for repairs. What is remote computer software? a remote computer is a software that can be used to share a desktop display so that someone who is operating a computer can control another computer in a different place. This software makes it easy to control the computers of two computers that are physically far apart, for example a home computer with an office computer, our computer with a friend's computer, even a computer between countries. 

With this program we can control the cursor and keyboard of another computer without needing to go to the computer and just do it on our own computer. The advantage of this program is that if we encounter difficulties around our computer, we can find an expert, either a friend or someone else who can overcome these difficulties without the need to come to our home. This program requires confirmation from the computer to be controlled so that the program is classified as safe and is not one of the hacking programs.

How to use it is very easy, if we need someone else to control our computer do the following :

  1. What we need to do first is download the software
  2. After installing then register
  3. After registration, login
  4. Click on the "share" tab then give the code to someone or a friend who wants to control our computer. It should be noted that people who want to control our computers must also have this software
  5. After that "approve" the request to take control of the computer, and after that our computer will be controlled by others
  6. To do the opposite, ask for an access code to a friend whose computer we want to control
  7. After that click the "access" tab and enter the code in the available column
  8. After being approved, you can control your friend's computer
  9. If we only want to divide the desktop without having to control our cursor and keyboard, check the "view only" box
  10. Disconnect after feeling sufficient and want to end the program process

Download CrossLoop v2.82

CrossLoop allows us to see the screen, control of the mouse and keyboard on a remote computer. In its promotion CrossLoop can be run in less than 2 minutes. Simply download and install the application and it will automatically configure itself for your computer's network environment.
CrossLoop v2.82
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Description CrossLoop

This tool really plays an important role in simplifying the whole process of working with your friends in several other locations across varied networks. This tool also helps you to have a look at the screen and you can even control the mouse & keyboard on a remote computer. Some key features of CrossLoop are - multilingual support (20 languages), file transfer & sharing options, secure & encrypted connections, works for both Mac and Windows.

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