DameWare Mini Remote Control 7.2.0

DameWare's Mini Remote Control Program is a remote control device

SolarWinds' Dameware Mini Remote Control is a powerful remote control software and desktop sharing tool designed for IT professionals to remotely access remote computers, laptops and user servers for management and remote support. With ready support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, you can connect and provide technical support to multiple remote computers at the same time. Dameware is trusted by organizations all over the world.


  • Remote control software and desktop sharing tools for computers, laptops and servers designed to be easy to use
  • Remote access to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Conversations, remote screenshots, file transfers and more
  • Restart a jammed computer and wake up a computer that sleeps remotely
  • Secure remote connection with Smart Card inputs and approved FIPS 140-2 encryption

Version Revision.

Mini Remote Control :
  • Small Protocol Revision. Existing v7.x users will not have to renew MRC Client Agent Services on remote machines, provided they use versions 7.0 or higher. However, we recommend that you update the Client Agent on the remote machine as soon as possible. Otherwise, some features may not work properly. Version 6.x Requires a mandatory upgrade to clients.
  • Add a command line to open the Flip MRC Client Agent dialog box: DWRCS -carc
  • Rather than enabling the checkbox every time, the option "Copy DWRCS.REG configuration file" is enabled by default.
  • Improvements to encrypted Windows Logon and NT Challenge / Authentication Response methods.
  • Registered Host Lists will not be extended to Windows 2000. He was repaired.
  • Authentication could not use encrypted Windows Logon for non-administrator users. constant
  • Unsaved (ad-hoc) Host entries are not added to the Reconnect List even if "Saved Hosts Saved Only To Reconnect Only" is disabled. Corrected.
  • Context Menu Setting the Tray Icon cannot be disabled even if "Enable Settings menu" is turned off. constant
  • The Browse connected with the Invitation dialog box will open in 32-bit O / S. Corrected.
  • Problem with SFT Shell Registration. Corrected.

Download Dameware Mini Remote Control Version 7.2.0 :
Support Win32/bit
Free Driver
Support Win64/bit
Free Driver

MSI Maker:

  • Fixed an issue with the Win9x package.
  • Create new MSI templates for x64 and x86 packages.
  • Create a new MSI template to install Proxy Services.
  • When no driver driver is selected, the code is added to reduce the size of the MSI output package.
  • Add functions to delete registry settings and application files when uninstalling.
  • After the compilation is complete, click the Add button to open the output folder.
  • Add functionality to disable the driver installer option when the target is Win9x.
  • Add functionality to name the MSI output with the same name as the profile.
  • Add functionality to remember the location of the selected dialog box and tab.


  • Verification of Active Directory and integration of single-entry systems with Active Directory (AD) can help you easily obtain and manage the technician's AD credentials and enable single-sign-on systems with AD authentication.
  • Connected to and out of the remote sleep system: Dameware Mini includes Remote Control, AMT, Wake-up on LAN, and Intel® vPro® with KVM Core-Based features. This feature helps you remotely access and provide support for out-of-band computers.
  • Get screenshots of single-click remote computers during remote session. You can get computer screens remotely quickly and save images to your local desktop.
  • Central management and account management. When installed in a centralized deployment mode, the Dameware Mini Remote lets you centrally manage users and Dameware permissions, control and enable all Dameware licenses from a single location, and share a list of all hosts with all Dameware users (IT technicians)

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